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Kintsugi Earth

Remembering today is Earth Day I reflect and pause thinking if I as a Kintsugi woman having a conversation with God and Mother Nature it may sound like:

In the heart of an ancient forest, where the whispers of Mother Nature echo with the wisdom of ages, imagine a conversation between the divine entities that watch over our world. The Kintsugi Woman, a guardian of healing and resilience, speaks with God, the omnipotent creator, and Mother Nature, the nurturer of life. They discuss the Earth, their shared creation, and the love and gratitude they hold for it.

Kintsugi Woman: "In every crack of the Earth, I see healing stories. Just as I mend broken pottery with gold, I see humanity's potential to repair its relationship with the planet."

God: "Indeed, my child. The Earth was crafted with love, each mountain and valley sculpted with care. It is a reflection of the beauty and complexity of life."

Mother Nature: "And within my realms, every creature, every plant, is a celebration of diversity and interconnectivity of all things."

Kintsugi Woman: "In disasters, there is a hidden grace. The way communities come together, the opportunity for new growth, it's all part of a larger tapestry."

God: "Disasters are not punishments but reminders of the delicate balance of life. They serve to awaken the spirit of compassion and cooperation among my children."

Mother Nature: "The resilience of life is my greatest gift. After the storm, the rainbow; after the fire, new growth. There is always hope."

As they reflect on the gratitude for all that has been given, the conversation shifts to the importance of cherishing and protecting the Earth.

Kintsugi Woman: "Every act of kindness, no matter how small, is like a golden seam that strengthens the bond between humans and the Earth."

God: "To walk gently upon the Earth, to conserve its resources, is to show reverence for the creation and the creator alike."

Mother Nature: "The smallest seed can grow into the mightiest tree. So too can small actions lead to significant changes."

They speak of the simple acts that everyone can do to make a difference, like walking instead of driving, conserving water, and reducing waste.

Kintsugi Woman: "Each step taken in awareness is a step towards a brighter future. To walk is to meditate upon the Earth."

God: "Water is the lifeblood of the planet. To conserve it is to honour the essence of life itself."

Mother Nature: "In the cycle of life, nothing is wasted. Every leaf that falls nourishes the soil for the next generation."

Kintsugi Woman: "Our hearts are filled with the golden light of gratitude, and let our actions reflect that light in the world."

God: "May every soul see the beauty that surrounds them and the power they hold to protect it."

Mother Nature: "May the spirit of love and stewardship be passed down through the ages, as enduring as the Earth itself."

Kintsugi Woman, God, and Mother Nature: “We stand united in their hope for humanity, a hope that each person will recognize the sacredness of the Earth and the role they play in its story.”

Kintsugi Woman: "With passion and spirit, we can heal the Earth, just as we heal ourselves, stronger and beautiful with the scars of time, and wisdom."

God: "For in every heart lies the potential for great love, and in every action, the potential for great change."

Mother Nature: "May we all continue the journey with love, caring, respect, and gratitude for all that we have been given."

Kintsugi Woman: “We are all keepers of the Earth, bound by love and responsibility to Earth our home we share. Listen to the wisdom of our hearts, guided by passion and spirit. Thank you God, and Mother Nature for your ”

I pray that this message resonates with all who read it, encouraging a collective effort to honour, nurture, and protect our beautiful Earth.

Happy Earth Day Everyone!

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