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Kintsugi Within Prayer

Divine Universe, source of all light and love, We stand before you as women of Kintsugi,

Embracing our uniqueness, our intricate designs, Mended with gold, stronger in the broken places.

We give thanks for the journey that has shaped us, For the falls that taught us to rise, For the breaks that taught us to heal, For the imperfections that taught us to embrace our true selves.

With every crack and every mend, We celebrate the Kintsugi within, The artful scars that map our resilience, The golden joins that speak of our courage.

We are grateful for the hands that held us, For the love that poured into our crevices, Filling them with warmth and strength, Transforming our wounds into wisdom.

May we walk with grace and confidence, Honoring the beauty of our imperfections, Seeing in ourselves the masterpiece of existence, A perfect blend of fragility and fortitude.

Let us radiate the light of our inner gold, Illuminating the path for others, Spreading hope, love, and compassion, and creating a world where every Kintsugi heart finds its reflection.

We affirm our commitment to self-love, nurturing the body, mind, and soul, celebrating every aspect of our being, honouring the divine within us.

May we continue to grow and evolve, Turning every shattered piece into a story of triumph, And may our lives be a testament to the power of restoration, A sacred dance of loss, discovery, and radiant reinvention.

In gratitude, we offer this prayer, For ourselves, for our Kintsugi siSTARS.

Kalina Bains

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