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Lavender Field, Kintsugi Within Resilient, Radiant, and Reborn Meditation

In the heart of every woman lies a secret garden, a sacred space where the soul blossoms like lavender in the spring. It’s a place of beauty, tranquility, and deep-rooted strength that weaves through our lives like golden threads of Kintsugi, repairing the cracks of our past with the precious metal of forgiveness and grace.

Join me, dear siSTARS, as we gather in this circle of trust, surrounded by the soothing scent of lavender, reflecting, and pausing on our journey together.  Feel free to imagine a different meadow or bloom that resonates with you. Together, we embark on a chrysalis journey of self-reflection, pausing to honour the Kintsugi woman within each of us.

As you settle into the comfort of our circle, let the fragrance of the garden envelop you. Close your eyes and take a deep breath, inhaling peace, exhaling tension. With each breath, feel the presence of the divine, thanking God for the path that has led you here.

Visualize yourself walking barefoot in the garden, the soft earth beneath your feet. Notice the golden footprints you leave behind, a trail of light for others to follow. These are the marks of your resilience, the evidence of a spirit that empowers and uplifts.

Imagine the Kintsugi within you, the golden veins that run through your being, binding the broken pieces with beauty and strength. Forgive yourself for the past, embrace the present, and look forward to the future with hope and courage.

As you reflect on your journey, acknowledge the challenges that have shaped you. The moments of doubt, and the times of struggle, is are all part of the beautiful kaleidoscope that is your life. Each crack filled with gold, a celebration of your unbreakable resilience and grace.

Feel the warmth of the sun as it filters through the leaves, casting shadows on the ground. Listen to the gentle rustle of the wind, whispering secrets through the branches. This is the dance of nature, a ballet of light and shadow, inviting you to join in its rhythm.

With each step you take, let the worries of the world fall away. You are here, at this moment, safe and cherished in the embrace of this secret garden. The lavender’s fragrance is a natural balm for the soul, reminding you of the beauty that life holds.

As you continue to walk, you come across a clearing bathed in sunlight. In the center, a well of clear, still water. Approach it, and as you gaze into its depths, see not just your reflection, but the reflection of the woman you are becoming.

This is the well of possibilities, where every drop of water holds a dream, a hope, a prayer. Dip your hands into the cool water, and as you lift them, watch the droplets fall like diamonds back into the well. Each one is a promise, a potential, a piece of the future you will build.

Now, sit by the well, surrounded by the circle of women who have walked this path before you. Feel their strength, their wisdom, their love. They are with you, guiding you, supporting you as you find the Kintsugi within.

In this sacred space, you are free to be vulnerable, to be strong, to be exactly who you are meant to be. Here, in the secret garden, you are a work of art, a masterpiece of experiences and emotions, pieced together with the golden glue of divine grace.

In the stillness of the garden, feel the connection between us all. Each one of us is a unique flower in this divine bouquet, yet together, we form a circle of unity, a bond that transcends time and space.

Envision the circle of Kintsugi women, holding hands, each with her own story, her and journey. We sit together, our hearts beating as one, our golden veins interlacing to form a tapestry of collective strength. This is the power of sisterhood, the magic of our circle.

As you breathe in the serenity of the garden, allow yourself to open up, sharing your revelations, your secrets, your deepest prayers. 

Pause, reflect on your journey

Feel the support of the women around you, their empathy, their understanding, and their unconditional love.

Look into the eyes of the woman beside you, and see the reflection of your soul. She, too, has walked through fire and emerged stronger, with her scars with gold. Together, we celebrate our resilience, and our ability to rise from the ashes, time and time again.

Close your eyes, and focus on the act of forgiveness. 

It starts within, a gentle whisper that says, “I am worthy of peace.”  Say “ I am worthy of peace”.

Extend that forgiveness outward, to those who have wronged us, to those who have not yet learned the art of Kintsugi. In forgiveness, we find freedom, we find growth, we find peace.

With each breath, feel the past unraveling, its hold on you loosening. You are not your past; you are the artist of your present, the architect of your future. The garden around you is alive with possibilities, each lavender blooms a celebration of your potential.

As you rise from their meditative pose in the garden, your eyes follow the delicate dance of butterflies flitting among the lavender. The air is alive with the soft hum of nature, and the gentle caress of the breeze carries the promise of renewal. These winged beauties, once cocooned in darkness, now bask in the full glory of their transformation, a mirror to your metamorphosis.

It is here, in this sacred space, that you, a Kintsugi woman, find a connection to your innermost selves. The butterflies, with their effortless grace, are a visual mantra of freedom, a reminder of the journey from the chrysalis to the sky.

In the quietude of the garden, as they part ways with the day, you are reminded that every end is but a new beginning. Just like the butterflies, you too can spread your wings, bolder with the memories of your chrysalis journey, ready to soar into the next chapter of your life with grace and beauty.

With the circle of our shared experiences behind us, begin to walk your path through the lavender. Each step is a gentle reminder of your journey, the unique path that has led you to this moment of discovery and connection.

As you wander, allow your hands to brush against the so,ft blooms. The lavender, with its calming hue, represents serenity and wisdom gained through life’s trials. Pick two sprigs or imagine your favorite flower, holding it close, letting its essence infuse your being.

This small piece of the garden is a prism of the Kintsugi woman within, a symbol of the beauty and self-love you’ve nurtured alongside others. It’s a reminder of the connections created, our growth, and the strength gathered from every challenge faced.

Visualize yourself stronger, bolder, and braver with each step. You are ready to embrace the world, empower those around you, engage with life’s mysteries, explore the crevices of your soul, and evolve into the fullest expression of yourself.

Gather once again in our sacred circle, this time around the well of our reflections. Feel the presence of each woman, a kindred spirit, as we come together in the final act of our shared journey.

One by one, we pass one of our pieces of lavender to the woman on our right, a gesture of sisterhood, of connection, of belonging. As you receive lavender from the woman on your left, feel the warmth of her spirit, the weight of her story, the strength of her unbreakable resilience.

Hold the lavender close, and with it, hold a piece of each Kintsugi woman’s heart. This exchange is more than a simple gift; it is a covenant of support, a promise to uplift and remember the bonds created in this secret garden.

As we each keep one piece for ourselves, let it be a reminder of our individuality and the unique path we walk. Yet, at this moment, we are united, our paths intertwined by the golden threads of our experiences.

Hold hands, feeling the pulse of life that flows through us. We are Kintsugi women, warriors of light, leaving golden footprints for those who will walk this path after us.

Together, let us offer a prayer of love and gratitude. Thank the divine for the courage that has brought us here, for the grace that has filled our cracks with gold, for the love that binds us as siSTARS on this journey.

Step away from the well, the scent of lavender lingering in the air, a symbol of our time together. Leave the garden with your head held high, your heart full, and your spirit ready to embrace, empower, engage, explore, and evolve.

Know that as we leave this circle, we do so bolder, braver, and more radiant than when we arrived. We are Kintsugi women, each a masterpiece of brokenness and beauty, each a beacon of hope and healing.

Feel the love and connection that pulses through our circle.

Carry this feeling with you, a treasure to be cherished, a light to guide you, and a bond that connects you to the Kintsugi women who share this journey.

May this meditation be a source of continuous inspiration and connection. As you walk through life, remember the secret garden and the circle of women who walk with you, each leaving golden footprints for others to find their way.

As the meditation draws to a close, take a moment to thank yourself for this journey. For the courage to face your cracks, for the willingness to fill them with gold, for the love that you share so freely. 

Slowly open your eyes, bringing the essence of the garden back with you. Carry the calm, the peace, the strength you’ve found here into every aspect of your life. Share it with others, spread the fragrance of lavender or other fragrance of the flower you chose, remembering  the warmth of the sun, the sparkle of the water.

Stand up, refreshed and renewed, ready to leave golden footprints of your own.

Carry this peace with you as you step out of the garden and back into the world. Remember the scent of lavender, the touch of the sun, the taste of the water. These are your anchors, your reminders of the secret garden that lives within you.

You are a Kintsugi woman, beautiful in your imperfection, powerful in your healing, and radiant in your being. Leave golden footprints for others to follow, and know that in the garden of life, you are never alone.

See yourself returning from the garden, the piece of lavender in hand. It’s a tangible piece of this journey, to remind you of the Kintsugi woman within, resilient, radiant, and reborn.

Carry this lavender with you as you step back into the world, a world that awaits your golden touch. Share its fragrance, share your story, and know that with each step, you leave behind a trail of golden footprints for others to discover their path of self-love and discovery.

This lavender is not just as a memory, but as a beacon, guiding you and others to find strength in vulnerability, beauty in brokenness, and unity in diversity. In the Garden of life, you are a warrior, a healer, and, a beacon of hope. 

Thank you for being in this sacred space siSTARS, to the Kintsugi woman within, if any of this resonates with you and you enjoyed my meditation like, comment, and share with others you think would enjoy a moment of calm and reflection at and continue the journey with my meditations here


*Disclaimer: Kintsugi Woman's affirmations, guided meditation, and prayers are kintsugi-infused empowerment, imagination, and inspiration. It is not a substitute for professional advice or therapy. If you need support, seek guidance from a qualified practitioner.

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