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Love Who YOU are

Remember how we felt when we got dressed up, went out, felt good about ourselves and shone?

Co-vid has dulled that shine in many of us, the sparkle has dwindled and only a flicker of our old self ambers of the true self occasionally appears now.

Soaking our soul in self-care and gently speaking the words we need to hear to the fragile self we can rekindle the shine building ourselves up.

Getting dressed up to go to Costco, going for a walk, looking through albums and reminding ourselves of the ones that love us. We have so much to

Our job is to take care of ourselves and love ourselves, so we can be here for the ones we love.

Remind yourself today, “This to shall pass”

Go put on something you feel good in, smile, and post a picture. Remember to “Love who you are”

You are beautiful, smart and intelligent. You are amazing and have so much to look forward to. This is a hiccup we are going through and we will be in the history books. There will be great stories of families that have survived great tragedies and sorrow.

Amongst the pain and memories, there will be amazing stories of those who survived stronger helping, loving and sharing their lives, encouraging, inspiring and shining brighter.

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