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Masks of Lies

She stands

Afraid and broken

Trauma whispers in her ear, controlling every breath

But she knows deep inside, she's worth more

Kintsugi woman, shining in her scars

Accepting less than she deserved, dreaming of more

In a life that bound her in chains

She broke free, stronger

Fearful, yet trembling, she stood

No longer held back by the lies she believed

Her past may be revealed, but she's knows

She is enough

No need to carry other’s lies

Proving her worth

Stepping past the past, past the fear, embracing her truth

She rose up, a warrior, BECOMING

No more masks of lies

Now empowering others with her story

Louder she speaks, bolder she stands

Fearless and whole

FEARLESS, she carries a torch for siSTARS

Empowering others to ignite their spark

Through struggles and pain, we have found our true voices

Rising stronger, embracing our power

We are whole

Unbreakable resilience, Kintsugi women RISE

Revealing our story echoing and embracing the journey

Remove your masks, we are fearless and fierce

Kintsugi woman

Kalina Bains

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