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Mother, Me

Another year of love, memories and having you here mom. 81 years, you have given me a mirror to look through to glimpses of a legacy of love.

You have taught and given me so much. The patience, understanding, hope, forgiveness, faith and unconditional love that breaks through any barriers, any lies, sadness. Generations of tears and you are still here a thought away.

Life may keep throwing me whirlwinds of change but, you are always there. You have given so much of yourself, sacrificed and loved me with open arms, accepting me as I am. Even when you didn't understand me, you loved me.

Now a mother, grandmother, myself I know the grieving, the anger, sorrow and yet we rise, we believe, we know things will be okay.

Life goes on, we are strong enough, we may be silent but we are stronger than we knew and we are still here. We never gave up, we believed in our children, in ourselves and shone brighter. Others may have tried to dim that light, spoke hurtful words and hurt us but we have survived and SHINE.

Generations of love, have passed through you and me. We have seen both sides of what could be, the what if's and tears. Thank you for your commitment, love and just being my mom. you have given, much of yourself. The simple, plain, humble love of who you are pushed me, transformed me as I searched for answers, searched for myself. Asking questions, always asking why, and moving forward.

Life has been a photo album of memories and we have quickly passed them by moments we wished we could of changed. Broken dreams, passions that have been put to sleep. You have let go of

I am a prism of you, your mother and yet myself. I have passed through a kelidescope of versions of myself and this mirror likens you but is me.

Mother, grandmother, me

You are me, I am you

I am me

Happy Mother's Day <3

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