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Muck to Miracles Journey


You know how we’ve always talked about our ‘muck to miracles’ journey? It’s like we’re these Kintsugi women, piecing ourselves back together with gold. Sometimes, I feel so mucky and uncomfortable, like I’m stuck in a chrysalis, waiting to emerge. But then, I remember the whispers of our passion and spirit, guiding us to opportunities and love.

It’s not always easy, to embrace change and become stronger. But we are strong enough to work through it, to continue our Kintsugi journey within. We put on our big girl muckers and get through what we need to today, leaving gold footprints for others, even if they’re mucky.

Remember when we felt so broken, like shattered pottery? Just like Kintsugi, we found beauty in repairing ourselves with golden seams. Our flaws didn’t define us; they made us more beautiful, and more resilient. We learned to love our mucky moments because they led us to miraculous ones.

We’ve cried, laughed, and grown together. Each tear was a whisper of our heart, each laugh a chorus of our spirit. We’ve been guided by an unseen force, pushing us towards love, strength, and change. And look at us now, stronger and more beautiful for it.

I know there are days when the muck seems too thick when the whispers are too faint. But we listen harder, dig deeper, and find that spark of passion that lights our way. We’ve become warriors in our own right, Kintsugi women with hearts of gold.

Our journey hasn’t been easy. It’s been a rollercoaster of emotions, a test of our strength. But we’ve held on, riding through the muck, reaching for the miracles. And every challenge we’ve faced has been another opportunity to add gold to our cracks.

We’ve learned to embrace our imperfections, to see the beauty in our brokenness. Our scars are stories, tales of triumph over the muck. They’re reminders that we’ve survived, that we’ve thrived, and that we’ll continue to do so.

So, my dear friend, let’s celebrate our journey. Let’s honor our mucky past and our golden future. We are Kintsugi women, and our journey is far from over. It’s just beginning, and I can’t wait to see where it takes us next.

With every step we take, we leave behind a legacy. Our gold footprints are a map for others, a guide through the muck. We show them that it’s possible to emerge from the chrysalis, to spread their wings and fly.

We are the embodiment of Kintsugi, of beauty in brokenness. We wear our gold proudly, a testament to our journey from muck to miracles. And as we continue to walk this path, we do so with grace, strength, and a spirit that can’t be dimmed.

Let’s keep listening to those whispers, following our passion, and embracing the opportunities that come our way. We are Kintsugi women, and we are magnificent.

Here’s to us, to our muck, and to the miracles that await.

Love always,


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