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No More Poop

Are you accepting the poop in your life today?

If somebody gave you a piece of cake with a little bit of poop, would you eat it?

We are accepting that little bit of poop in our lives. We're seeing lands, okay, it doesn't matter. All the lies of the poop in our lives, accepting things that other people are giving us.

Today, if I said to you, oh, I've done my best. But you know, really, you haven't, you're giving somebody else a little bit of poop. When you're not expecting the best from yourself, you're accepting that from somebody else. That poop needs to be thrown out.

You need to start from scratch and go back and make yourself another cake. It doesn't matter how long it takes. It doesn't matter. If you don't get it done, but you don't want that poop in your life. You need to start again. expect more from yourself and from others.

The lies that you hear in your head. That's poop. The things you say to yourself the things that other people have told you that's poop. Throw out that cake with the poop on it. Don't take it. Stop that. Whatever you're doing. And begin again. do not accept it.

Doesn't matter if it's a little piece of poop. big piece of poop. But you got to get rid of it. Stop accepting the poop in your life. know somebody say Oh, it's good enough. We're thinking I've done a good enough job. We're saying it's okay to have that little bit of poop on your plate on your cake on your whatever. It's not.

You deserve more than that. You're smarter than that. Are you going to keep accepting the poop in your life? Are you gonna change it? We'll scrape it off. Run just throw it out.

Begin again. No more poop.

No more poop

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