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Piece by Piece

Look at the collage of me from when I was 6, in my 20s, and now in my 60s. Life keeps changing and life gives us so many opportunities to begin again.

If I look at the little things I think not much has changed but if you look at the big picture of the life we see much change.

Piece, by piece I am changed, new thoughts, habits, and choices I have made make me me.

The puzzle that God has for my life is extraordinary, each day a new piece is laid down to bring me closer to the version I need and want to be...

Sometimes a piece of our soul has been broken or lost & and we look and discouraged stop until one day the piece is found and we begin again. We make the changes we need to complete what we started.

Or it may be that we never find that piece of ourselves, we make changes and start a new puzzle.

What piece are you putting down today? Is it one that fits right away and one after another is being laid down or is it a day of frustration and dragging on just finding one piece?

Are you enjoying your day or is it a challenge to get your next project done?

What can you do to make it better? Take time to separate the textures, and hues of life, get a friend to help or are you just going to come back to work on it?

Enjoy your day, take care of yourself.

What ever part of life or the puzzle you work on today it is a masterpiece just waiting to be finished to begin again. Just like you.

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