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Sad, Within

Dear Si,STAR,

Today, you may feel the heaviness of self. Just as the night welcomes the stars, your darkness is a canvas for light.

When isolation whispers coldly, remember you are a universe within, teeming with life and love. Each breath is a bridge, connecting you to the vastness of being.

Fear may grip you tightly, but like a kintsugi bowl, you are held together by golden courage. Your cracks are not flaws; they are proof of your resilience.

Tears are sacred. They are rivers cleansing the soul, carrying away the debris of pain. Let them flow, they water the gardens of your new beginnings.

Feeling stuck is a time for self to pause, whispering, "Rest here, grow roots, and rise."

Unmotivation is the shadow of a flame that burns within. It's waiting for our inspiration to dance once more.

Tiredness is a silent song, calling you to the soft embrace of self-care. Listen, and let rest be your melody.

Depression is a heavy fog, but even the thickest mists eventually lift. Trust in the sun within you, patiently awaiting its moment to shine.

Anger towards oneself is a misplaced passion. Redirect this fire, it creates your transformation.

Without connections, you may feel lost. But look around, the world is full of threads waiting to weave into your story.

Living in a small community is a canvas with limited strokes, yet each one holds infinite potential. Paint your presence with bold colors.

Not knowing anyone is the first step on a path of discovery. Each woman is a world to explore, a possible reflection of siSTARhood.

Embrace your kintsugi spirit, where every break is an opening for new light to enter.

Your journey is unique, etched with lines of gold. Each day is a chance to mold the clay of your existence.

In the silence and stillness, find your strength. You are both the potter and the pottery.

Remember, kintsugi is not just about fixing what is broken; it's about redefining wholeness.

Your feelings are valid, they are the hues that colour your essence. Embrace them, and create a masterpiece of emotion.

You are not alone in your struggles. Like threads of gold, we are all connected in the tapestry of human experience.

Today, you may feel shattered, but every piece of you is a gem. Together, they form a mosaic of beauty.

Tomorrow is a new brushstroke on the kintsugi bowl of life. With each day, paint your story with the gold of hope and resilience.

Breathe in the gold, breathe out the pain. You are whole, you are beautiful, and you are loved.

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