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She-Shed of Self

Dear Sistars,

Join me on a transformative journey within our secret garden, symbolizing the inner sanctum of self-discovery and renewal.

In the quietude of our hearts lies a secret garden, a sacred space where the seeds of our true selves are waiting to bloom. I invite you to walk with me, hand in hand, as we venture into this awakening. 

Divine spirit of the universe, We call upon your light and love, To guide us through our awakening, As we drink from the Well of Wisdom.

Bless us with courage and clarity, To accept our imperfections as art, To see our scars as stories of strength, And to embrace our past as part of our path.

May we rise as Kintsugi Women, Bold and brave, with hearts wide open, Transforming our doubts and fears, Into a future of empowerment and grace.

We honour the journey of our sistars, Their presence a gift, their spirits a guide, Together, we awaken to our divine feminine And step into the light of our true selves.

As we gather around the ancient well, let us draw from its depths, the waters of knowledge and insight. Here, we quench our thirst for understanding, and with each sip, we feel the old layers of doubt, fear, and the past begin to dissolve.

With wisdom as our guide, we journey onward to the She Shed of Self. This is our haven for rest and reflection, where we can be alone with our thoughts, yet surrounded by the warmth of sisterhood. In this nurturing cocoon, we allow ourselves to be vulnerable, question, and to dream.

In the stillness of the she-shed, we engage in the sacred act of peeling away the worn-out layers that no longer serve us. We shed the skins of insecurity and apprehension, revealing the luminous essence beneath.

With clarity and intention, we begin the process of radiant reinvention. We ask ourselves the pivotal questions: What do I truly desire? What must I let go of? Our answers are the brushstrokes of our future selves, painting a portrait of the Kintsugi Woman we are becoming.

Together, we embrace the chrysalis of transformation. It is within this protective shell that our feminine ethereal awakening takes root. We grasp our collective power, pushing through the barriers of doubt and fear, emerging stronger, bolder, and braver.

As we step out of the chrysalis, we are not the same women who entered the secret garden. We are the Kintsugi Women, radiant with the gold of our experiences, ready to shine our light upon the world.

So, my sistars, will you join me? Will you take the journey to rediscover your divine feminine ethereal within? Let us walk together toward a future where our radiant reinvention of love, power, and wisdom.

This garden awaits, as does our collective awakening. May we rise, not despite our brokenness, but because of it, and may our cracks be filled with the gold of wisdom and love.

Sistars continue with me on this transformative journey toward self-discovery and empowerment.

With an open heart, Kalina

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