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*To Kalina, every woman is a "SISTAR"

who shines brighter and stronger with the

support of her other women on the journey

In a world where differences often lead to division, the concept of the voice of truth within a family takes on a unique significance. As the oldest of eight children, I have witnessed firsthand how each sibling's truth is shaped by their distinct experiences, goals, choices, and beliefs, despite sharing the same parents. This diversity has taught me the invaluable lesson of embracing inclusivity, nonjudgment, understanding, forgiveness, and compassion within our family dynamic.

Each of my siblings has walked a unique journey, facing their own challenges and triumphs along the way. While our paths may diverge, the foundation of respect for one another's truths remains unwavering. It is essential to recognize that what may be right for me may not be true for another, and vice versa. By fostering an environment of acceptance and support, we empower each other to live authentically and pursue our dreams and lives.

As we navigate the complexities of relationships, let us remember that diversity is not a hindrance but a strength. By acknowledging and honoring the multiplicity of truths within each other, we create a space where everyone feels valued and understood. Let us celebrate the richness that arises from our differences and embrace the beauty of individuality as we walk this journey together.

Kalina is an advocate for women's empowerment and has had a vision of helping and empowering women as they embrace their journey of siSTARhood. Being blessed as the oldest sibling with 5 siSTARS and 2 brothers,  having the bond and connection is golden.

SiSTARS are women I meet who are on my journey, some of them in front of me shining brighter with their life experience, stronger, wiser, as mentors. Visit  to find out more

Others with me who who been on the journey a long time as Diva Strong and those who watch, listen, and follow me on my journey.

The women under my umbrella of love, coming behind me in the next generation witness my journey, my story, as I did with those before me.

All the women, daughters, nieces, sisters, mothers, and grandmothers, are my SiSTARS we have all been so blessed, brave, and bold to get where we are in this moment  I honor, encourage, empower, and love you, you are part of every prism of me. You are my teachers, mentors, friends, SiSTARS.


We all thrive on positive and supportive energy, and Kalina continues to spread love and encouragement to those around her. Together, we can create a world where all women feel valued, respected, and empowered to live their best lives. 

Kalina's passion for women's empowerment began early in her life.

As a young girl, she witnessed firsthand the struggles that women faced in her Mennonite community. This fueled her desire to make a difference and to help women overcome the obstacles that stood in their way.

Divorced, she was married to an Indian man from Punjab for 30 years has 2 amazing children and 3 grandchildren, she sees how similar and different cultures are with families, religion and beliefs. Visiting India and staying there for a few months for family weddings. More to come in another blog about that.

Over the years, Kalina has created safe spaces for women to come together and share their experiences. She believes that through sisterhood, women can strengthen their bonds and lift each other.

Kalina's message is simple but powerful – every woman has the potential to become Diva Strong.

 Kalina inspires women to embrace their journeys and to become the best versions of themselves. She has proven that with the right support and encouragement, anything is possible. Kalina's legacy as a women's advocate will continue to inspire and empower women and is woven into the tapestry of the next generation of SiSTARS under an umbrella of love. 

Is today going to be a day you dim your light a little and pause or shine brighter, bolder, braver?

In 2024, we will be presented with a kaleidoscope of choices, that will shape our lives for years to come. We can either accept these blessings of opportunities and learn from them to make better choices in our future

We are stronger, wiser, and ready, we can make this our best year yet at achieving

what it is we want and need to be

Happy, 2024 SiSTARS!

I am excited to see where it takes us all

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