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The Labyrinth of Intuition Meditation 

In the heart of a secret garden, where time dances to the rhythm of whispers and sunlight filters through the leaves, we pause. This is the sacred space where the labyrinth of intuition awaits, a winding path that leads us from deception to clarity, from falsehoods to truth.

Settle into a comfortable position.

Close your eyes and take a deep breath. Feel the earth beneath you, supporting you.

Imagine yourself standing at the entrance of the labyrinth. The walls are high, but they crumble as you step forward. Each step releases a lie, a limiting belief. You shed layers of untruths with every step.

The path twists and turns, leading you deeper. 

Walk to the center, you see a beautiful water fountain surrounded by fragrant flowers. Approach it. Feel the cool mist on your skin.

Dip your hands into the water. It is not just water; it is the well of wisdom and healing. As you drink, ancient knowledge flows into you, the kind that transcends time and space.

Remember, you are a kintsugi woman, beautifully mended with golden seams of resilience and strength. Each crack in your armour is filled with the gold of your passion and the spirit that guides you, making you not just whole, but more precious and unique. When the illusions of life scare you, remember the power within you.

Let your inner light, fueled by passion and spirit, shine brighter than the deceptive glimmers of these illusions. Stand firm in your truth, for you are a masterpiece crafted through the trials and triumphs of your journey. Your cracks tell a story of overcoming, a celebration of the fact that you have faced challenges and emerged with an inner glow that cannot be dimmed.

Whisper to yourself,

"I am guided by passion and spirit, I am not just surviving; I am thriving, adorned with the wisdom of my experiences. I am a kintsugi woman, more beautiful for having been broken and radiantly reinvented. "

Let this be your affirmation, as you continue your journey with grace and an unbreakable will.

Now, turn around. The path that led you here is no longer the same. It has transformed. You are no longer the same.

Step out of the labyrinth. The exit is wide open, inviting you to leave behind the old stories, the tangled webs of deception.

Embrace your newfound clarity. You are empowered.

Engage with the world as a seeker of truth. Explore the depths of your intuition.

Evolve, like a kintsugi woman mended and strengthened by the golden seams of resilience.

She draws strength from the labyrinth, from the water fountain’s wisdom. Her body, once fractured, now glows with resilience. The golden veins trace her journey, the lies shattered, the truths embraced.

Remember this place.

 When life’s illusions threaten you, return to the labyrinth of intuition. Embrace. Empower. Engage. Explore. Evolve.

In the heart of a secret garden, where time dances to the rhythm of whispers and sunlight filters through ancient leaves, we find solace. 

Remember: You can return to this secret garden whenever you need. The water fountain flows eternally, offering healing and renewal. Trust your intuition and it will guide you back.

Take a few more deep breaths. When you’re ready, gently open your eyes.

*Disclaimer: Kintsugi Woman's affirmations, guided meditation, and prayers are kintsugi-infused empowerment, imagination, and inspiration. It is not a substitute for professional advice or therapy. If you need support, seek guidance from a qualified practitioner.

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