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Through the Eyes of MOM

Through the eyes of my mother, I see a world stitched together with her feminine ethereal threads of resilience and grace. Her life is a kaleidoscope of the wheel turning and an embodiment of Kintsugi.

Mom at 86 years young, you are still living a celebration of Kintsugi within. Your life is a canvas of strength and gentleness, and reflects the Kintsugi within your soul.

Born into a time of rigid rules and defined roles, your journey began. You were raised in the Mennonite tradition, a community known for its simplicity and discipline. You learned the value of silence and the power of quiet strength. Your hands were always busy, they were your tools of expression, weaving love and care into the fabric of our family life.

As a homemaker, you were the silent architect of our home, like our grandmothers before you. You were creating a sanctuary where each of us could find peace and comfort. You are a sister, a wife, a mother, a grandmother, and an aunt, with an unwavering commitment to those you love.

In your eyes, I see the reflection of myself in spirit. Your belief in the goodness of people, your trust in the flow of life, and your loving nature are qualities that you have passed down through generations of your children. you have given of yourself so freely.

The concept of Kintsugi resonates deeply when I think of you mom, you have faced your share of breaks and falls, yet each time, you have become more beautiful. Your experiences have been filled with lessons that you have given me, your golden footprints guiding my way. You have shown me that it is not the breaking that defines us, but how we choose to put the pieces back together.

Your strength is not the loud kind that demands attention. Instead, it is the strength of the Mennonite homemaker, resilient, enduring, and gentle. It is the strength that has weathered storms, always adapting, always surviving. Your life is a mosaic of moments, each one gilded with the wisdom of her years.

Mom, thank you for your unwavering faith and commitment to your children and dad. You have been the cornerstone of our family, nurturing eight children with dad, with love. Your faith is the compass that guided you through life’s challenges, and your commitment to us was the anchor that kept our family grounded.

Your creativity, making something out of nothing, out of pieces of cloth, stews and life touching everything with warmth and love. With canning food, sewing our clothes, and crocheting patterns of care into our lives. The quilts you made, each stitch a celebration of your patience and skill, wrapped us in the comfort of your love.

In the garden, you grew more than just plants; you nurtured each of us. Your hands, covered in earth, were a symbol of how you embraced the messiness of life and turned it into something beautiful. Your songs and melodies were the soundtrack of our upbringing, your voice a lullaby that soothes our souls. Listening to you clean up at night while we slept, and hearing you humming was a melody of love of comfort to me, Mom.

The happiness you created in our home made it our sanctuary. With every jar of preserves, every dress you made, every note you sang, you were building a treasure trove of memories for us. We are so fortunate to still have you, to remember your hugs that spoke volumes of her unconditional love. I remember you combing my hair and me holding your tummy giving you a big hug and you reminding me how much I was loved.

Your heart is always open and has been a well of forgiveness and trust. You have always put us first, your love is the golden thread that binds our family together. Your trust in us and in the goodness of life has been a lesson in grace and compassion.

Now, the Kintsugi woman within you is stronger and wiser. After years of silence, you have found your voice, a voice that resonates with the strength of your convictions with years of experience. We haven’t always listened but we know how much you love us.

Your journey has left golden footprints for us to follow, of your wisdom and laughter. As we walk in your footsteps, we carry the legacy of a Kintsugi woman, your strength, your love, your spirit.

Mom, your life is one of silent strength and vibrant love, and your life is a prism of mine that lives in each of my grandchildren. With each of your birthdays, Mother’s Days we have celebrated your life, and the love you have left in our hearts and the hearts of all who know you.

We love you, Mom.

As I reflect in gratitude for Mom on my rebellious journey of self-discovery, away from the Mennonite religion, I can hear my mother’s tears. They were not just tears of sorrow but a silent language of love, speaking volumes of her fears and hopes.

I was the oldest, I would not conform, I had my own thoughts, and wanted a different life: her prayers, a shield for me through my rebellion and moments of brokenness.

Life has changed both of us and we are different women now with each experience and years of self-discovery. Mom still watches me and I am sure questions me, now she sees me as a reflection of all my challenges and celebrations. In my voice, she hears happiness, and it echoes her strength, and in her eyes, she sees the love of her prayers.

I stand before her, not as the child, but as a Kintsugi woman, beautifully mended with gold, embracing my cracks as part of my story. My voice, once a whisper in silence, now rises with purpose, speaking for those who have to find their voice.

In every step I take, I carry with me the essence of mom’s love, a love that saw me not for the conformity I resisted but for the individual I am destined to be—Kintsugi within.

I am eternally grateful, for you Mom, your tears, and your unwavering love for me, I dedicate each word I write, each breath I take, to the woman who gave me life and the courage to live it authentically.

Thank you Mom XOOX

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