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We have Arrived

Do you ever feel like you miss the person you were?

Miss the passion, the drive that created dreams of possibilities. Where did that go? Who do you want to be, what do you want, where do you want to go?

It is just beginning, we have evolved, and we have awakened. This is real, we are arriving at a place we never dreamed possible this was an illusion, a prism of who we thought we could be and where we have arrived.

I have arrived. The fantasy, the desires, the funnel of emptiness has overflowed with hope. Hope that has transpired into a life of joy, peace, and love. A love of self that like a butterfly is ready to leave the chrysalis and fly. I am ready, are you ready?

I am an intelligent, secure, passionate, and courageous woman who knows that the best is yet to come. I am ready, I have arrived!

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