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Mucky Miraculous Miracles


As we navigate the mucky days of our lives, we often find ourselves in our chrysalis journey. It’s a time of transformation, where the old self gives way to the new, and where our inner Kintsugi woman emerges, stronger and more beautiful for all her cracks and scars.

Embrace: Embrace the muck, for it is the soil from which miracles grow. Let’s not shy away from the messiness of change; instead, let’s welcome it with open arms. Affirmation: “I embrace my journey, knowing that each step is a part of my beautiful transformation.”

Empower: Empower yourself with the knowledge that you are the artist of your life. You have the power to mend your broken pieces with golden strength. Affirmation: “I am empowered by my experiences, and I trust in my ability to rebuild with grace.”

Engage: Engage with your passions, those little sparks that light up your spirit. They are the whispers guiding you through the muck, leading you to your own miracles. Affirmation: “I engage deeply with my passions, for they are the compass that guides my soul.”

Explore: Explore the depths of your being, and discover the treasures hidden within. Your spirit is a vast ocean, and each dive brings you closer to the pearls of wisdom you seek. Affirmation: “I explore my inner world with curiosity, knowing that self-discovery is a journey of joy.”

Evolving: Evolving is the natural state of our being. Like the seasons, we change, grow, and bloom. With each evolution, we become bolder, braver, and more in tune with our true selves. Affirmation: “I am constantly evolving, and with each change, I become more aligned with my highest self.”

As Kintsugi women, we learn to cherish our mucky moments. They are not stains on our canvas but rather the contrast that makes our golden seams stand out. We are works of art, continuously evolving, our cracks filled with the gold of wisdom and experience.

We are the brave women, who dare to break only to rebuild ourselves stronger. We are the bold spirits who face the muck head-on, knowing that it’s part of our miraculous journey. We are the ones who wear our scars telling our stories with our resilience.

So, my dear siSTARS, let’s continue to Embrace the muck, Empower ourselves with our stories, Engage with our deepest desires, Explore every possibility, and Evolve into the magnificent be.YOU.tiful women we are.

With each affirmation, we affirm our strength, our courage, and our beauty. We are the Kintsugi women, and our mucky miraculous journey is what makes us truly extraordinary.

Together, let’s put on our big girl muckers and step boldly into the day. Let’s leave behind gold footprints for others to follow, showing them that even the muskiest paths can lead to the most beautiful destinations.

Remember, you are never alone on this journey. Bonds + Vibe = Tribe , our stories, our struggles, and our triumphs. We are a siSTARhood of Kintsugi women, shining brightly, even on the muskiest days.

With love and golden light,

Kalina your Kintsugi siSTAR

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