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What are the Stages of our Kintsugi Journey?

Kintsugi woman’s chrysalis journey to self-discovery can be a beautiful and insightful way to explore personal growth. Here’s a conceptual outline of what that might look like:

I want to share with you the transformative journey of a kintsugi woman, just like us. It’s about finding beauty in our brokenness and emerging stronger, with our golden veins shining through. When I think of stages on my journey as seen through the eyes of our future selves.

Discovery, Acceptance, Healing, Transformation, Connection, Self-Discovery 




This is where it all begins. We realize that we’re like kintsugi pottery, and our cracks are part of who we are. We start to see the potential for gold to fill those spaces.


We learn to accept our flaws and understand that they don’t define us. Instead, they make us unique and add to our story.


With acceptance comes healing. We find ways to mend our broken pieces, not with the intent to hide them but to highlight our resilience.


As we heal, we transform. Our golden veins become visible, symbolizing our journey and the strength we’ve gained.


We’re not alone. We find others on the same path, and together, we form a river of gold, supporting and empowering each other.


The journey leads us to a deeper understanding of ourselves. We discover the gold within, our true worth and beauty.

The journey of self of a kintsugi woman is more than just mending; it’s about metamorphosis and finding the gold that’s been inside us all along. 

Remember, we’re all works of art, perfectly imperfect and infinitely valuable.

I hope this resonates with you.

Much love, Kalina

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