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Whisps of a Memory


Today, I’m extending a very special program that Crystal Andrus has created for me to offer to you for free (a special partnership bonus!): The 21-Day CREATE & SUSTAIN Success Course (valued at $297) WWW.SWAT21DAYCREATESUSTAINSUCCESSECOURSE.COM

Wisps of a memory that we hope for, crave for and have thought about over and over and yet it disappears.

How many times we have thoughts, good intentions and dreams and wake up and think, “Oh that is such a good idea”. Then in a few seconds it is gone and we try to remember what it was and it’s there you sense it is there if you could just remember.

Letting go of something we know in our heart that is an integral part of us but we just don’t seem to have the power to hold onto it. Like a dream we soared out forgetting until something reminds us again and like a trance we feel ourselves sensing the peace in something that feels like returning home.

Finding our passion and moving forward feeling the bliss that comes so easy that we don’t even have to think about it. A feeling that is second nature that heals and causes our heart to sing; those are the ones of our desires that we need to chime into.

Are you listening to your soul whispering to you encouraging you and believing in you? With discernment and love cling on to your dreams they will start being more of you and one day you will not even remember how you got there.

Take care of you

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