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Who is Kalina Bains?

Kalina Bains is the passionate spirit behind the Kintsugi Woman platform, where she empowers and inspires women to embrace their unique journeys of self-discovery and reinvention. She hosts a Kintsugi-Infused Empowerment Podcast and offers a variety of resources through her blogs, group, podcasts, and website.

Kalina encourages women to find beauty in their imperfections and strength in their vulnerabilities, much like the kintsugi art form that highlights beauty in repair.

She describes herself as a woman guided by passion and spirit, thriving, breaking free, and embracing the innate knowing of self. Kalina’s mission is to support and love women on their journey to become the individuals they aspire to be, embracing change and following their passions with spirit and enthusiasm.

If you’re interested in finding out more about Kalina Bains’ work or philosophy, let her know and she will be happy to connect with you.


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