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Your Innate Knowing & Intuitive GPS

We are all born with an innate knowing that guides us throughout our lives. This knowing is like a GPS that helps us through the peaks and valleys of our journey. It is guided by our passion and spirit, which are the energy behind our purpose in life. You may call it your consciousness or led by the Holy Spirit.

Our intuitive GPS helps us to make decisions that align with our true selves and lead us on our journey. We have lost touch with this inner GPS often because of societal conditioning and external influences. Many of us have been taught to rely solely on the logic and reason, of our grandparents, community, and religion, forgetting the power of our intuition.

By reconnecting with our innate knowing, we access the many blessings and potential that God has for us. We can awaken to the limitless possibilities that await us and live a happy life of purpose.

Pause, and learn to quiet the noise of your minds and listen to the whispers of your souls. We must have the courage to follow our hearts, even when the path is uncertain.

Our intuitive GPS will never lead us astray, it is guided by the divine wisdom that resides within us. By trusting in our innate knowing, we can overcome fear, doubt, and uncertainty and embrace our highest potential.

We can tap into the passionate creative force that flows through us and bring our dreams to life. Our intuitive GPS is not something to be feared but celebrated and nurtured. It is the key to unlocking the magic that lies within us and the blessings of a life of joy and abundance.

Embrace your inner wisdom and trust in the journey that lies ahead. Let's follow our passion and allow our spirits to guide us. We are all connected and part of something much greater than ourselves. We are a spark of the Divine. We are LOVE.

My innate knowing is my compass

Guided by passion and spirit

I trust in the journey that lies ahead

I receive the blessings

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