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Zoetic Me…Who Knew

Today I was thinking of words that really were a part of me. ABCs of Kalina…

ABCs of Kalina

ABCs of Kalina

When I was looking for a word that describes me with the letter Z it was a little harder to come up with something. I checked out

Zoetic, I found out is a word I can use to describe myself. Have you heard of it before?

Well if you are awake, conscious, breathing, existing, functioning and growing you are zoetic who knew. I found my z word. I am more than existing and learning new things all the time; amazing.

Thank you

Life is full of surprises and happenstances; serendipity, one thing leading to another. My thoughts lead to an action, then a response.

When I respond I will Affirm, finding Balance, being Creative and Dream. I will Empower, Forgive and pray to GOD to Heal. Finding Inner peace and Joy thru the Knowledge and Love being Mindful while I Nurture being Optimistic pursuing my Passions. There will be Questions and Romance. I listen to my Spirit. Transformed I am Unique finding Victory and Wisdom.

XOXO being Yourself, You are Zoetic

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