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Hello, lovely souls! I'm excited to welcome you to my corner of self-discovery. I'm Kalina, a woman guided by passion and spirit, thriving, breaking free and embracing the innate knowing of self. Through my blogs, group, podcasts, and website, I empower and inspire women to embrace their unique journeys of self-discovery and reinvention.


I believe in the power of embracing our innate knowing and embracing our true selves. Like a kintsugi woman who finds beauty in her imperfections and strength in her vulnerabilities,


I encourage you to embark on a Chrysalis Journey of Radiant Reinvention.

With passion, spirit, and feminine ethereal wisdom, we rise, we mend, we THRIVE


Join me as we explore transformation and empower each other to shine brightly as the authentic, unapologetic beings we were always meant to be. Together, let's embrace our uniqueness and inspire others to do the same, creating a world where diversity is celebrated, and self-expression shines.

Welcome to a prism in your kaleidoscope of self where we embrace , empower, engage, explore, and evolve in our unique way together as beautiful, bold brave Bohemian Kintsugi women.


By living a life guided by passion and spirit, we inspire others to do the same and create a ripple effect of positivity and kindness in the world. So take some time today to reflect on your passions and purpose, and commit to living a life filled with love..

Each season of self is beautiful as the kaleidoscope changes in the story of my life, a journey of rebirth, growth, and empowerment. From the Healing Daughter to the thriving Kintsugi Woman, I evolved and transformed, becoming bolder and braver with each passing season.

It's a beautiful cycle of life and death to self, of letting go and embracing the new, of finding my voice and using it to empower the voiceless. As I journey through the seasons of self, I will remember that my empowerment comes from within, an innate knowing and intuitive spirit that guides and has transformed me from the deepest wounds and greatest joy. 

I am following my passion and on this journey I support and love the women we know we need to be.

Embracing change and following their passions with spirit and enthusiasm?

Searching, ready to make positive changes in their lives, and who want to connect with a community of like-minded women. I am excited to introduce you to my Women's GPS, my blog, and platform of empowerment, and encouragement on their new path.

The Women's GPS is a prism of hope, encouragement and inspiration in life's journey, providing empowerment and engaging with you through the kaleidoscope of life.

Women's GPS offers resources, including articles, meditations, podcasts, videos, on your Chrysalis journey. By sharing our experiences, wisdom, and insights, we can inspire and support each other as we navigate life's challenges and opportunities.

If you're a woman over 50 who is feeling braver, bolder, and ready for change, I invite you to join my community and explore my website here at Women's GPS.

Let's journey together, empowered and engaged, guided by our passion and spirit!

Excited to get to know you better.

Kalina Bains

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