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Kintsugi Affirmations

Welcome to the Kintsugi Affirmations, a sanctuary where the spirit of the Kintsugi Woman is nurtured and celebrated. A transformative journey, guided by passion and the gentle wisdom of our inner feminine.

These affirmations are  to inspire and uplift, reminding you and to empower and remind you of your inherent worth,  inner strength and beauty. Keep embracing your unique self and let your feminine ethereal wisdom guide you. of the unique beauty and strength you possess. 

Designed to be repeated and reflected upon, helping to create a sense of self-love, acceptance, and empowerment. Remember, like Kintsugi, our experiences, both good and bad, make us more beautiful and resilient. Embrace your unique story and let your inner light shine.

Remember, like the art of Kintsugi, you are be.YOU.tiful. Embrace your flaws and your scars of life, they are gilded with your experiences that make you uniquely powerful. Keep shining like the bright star you are! Shine on, you beautiful siSTARS, with all your feminine, ethereal wisdom.

Self-Love Discovery Affirmations 

Turn the kaleidoscope of self-love with affirmations that encourage you to uncover and embrace the full spectrum of your being. Discover the power of loving yourself right now in this moment, the past, present, future you, with all your perfect imperfections.


Chrysalis Journey Transformation Affirmations 


Affirm your growth through the chrysalis journey, where each stage of transformation is honoured. Embrace the changes within as you evolve, affirming your transformation with every breath.

Feminine Ethereal Wisdom Affirmations 


 Let the wisdom of the feminine ethereal guide you. These affirmations connect you to the intuitive spirit within, empowering you to live with authenticity and grace.


The Kintsugi Affirmations is your space to find words of encouragement and strength, as you are guided by the unwavering passion and spirit of the Kintsugi Woman within. 

Kintsugi Affirmations

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