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Kintsugi Prayers

Embrace this spiritual prism of Kintsugi Prayers, a sanctuary where the whispers of the soul meet the echoes of Kintsugi wisdom. This is a place for the Kintsugi Woman, guided by passion and spirit, to find solace and strength in her journey.


Self-Love Prayers 

Invoke the spirit of compassion and grace, as these prayers help you weave self-love into the very fabric of your being, teaching you to cherish your entirety, with all its unique fractures and golden repairs.


Self-Discovery Prayers 

Through the lens of transformation, these prayers guide you on a voyage of self-discovery, illuminating the path to understanding the depths of your spirit and the boundless potential that lies within.


Chrysalis Journey Prayers 

 Embrace the transformative power of the chrysalis journey, as you cocoon in reflection and emerge with newfound purpose. These prayers support your metamorphosis, celebrating each stage of your personal evolution.


Feminine Ethereal Wisdom Prayers 

 Draw upon the timeless wisdom of the divine feminine, as these prayers connect you to the ethereal realms of intuition and insight, empowering you to navigate life’s tapestry with grace and resilience.


Let the Kintsugi Prayers give you peace on a sacred path of healing and empowerment, where every prayer guided by passion and spirit. 

Kintsugi Affirmations

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