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Wisdom Woven Within our Wounds

As a Kintsugi Woman, I’ve learned to see the beauty and strength in our fractured, shattered self, and the wisdom in our wounds. Kintsugi, the ancient Japanese art of repairing broken pottery with lacquer mixed with powdered gold, teaches me that our scars are not just reminders of pain, but also of healing and resilience. They are the golden veins that map out our past, making me who you are today.

Each crack in our being tells a story, a moment of impact that left me forever changed.

These flaws are not imperfections but seams of our individuality, the unique paths on our journey to self. They are the whispers of our struggles and our victories.


I think of cracks or flaws as golden veins that run through our wounds as healing that comes with time and care. They are a reminder of our ability to recover and rebuild, stronger and more beautiful than before. The gold is not just a filler; it’s an illumination of our capacity to mend and grow.


The W5 of our Wounds: The Wisdom They Speak

What do the Who, What, When, Where, and Why’s of our journey ask me and teach me? Each illuminates the path to deeper reflections. They are the keys that unlock the doors to our inner worlds and the mysteries that surround me.


Who we are and who we become in the face of challenges?

What lessons we learn and what wisdom we can share?

When our wounds transform into strengths and when our stories inspire?

Where does our journey take me and where do we find our purpose?

Why do our experiences matter and why our voices are so important?


These questions are the threads that weave the tapestry of self.


As we continue on a journey of self-discovery and growth, reflect on your past with its peaks and valleys, of your future with all the challenges and possibilities.


Continue the journey of self - discovery with me and ask yourself these questions with open-hearts and minds, embracing our journey of transformation and understanding ourselves a little better. They are the prisms of change and wisdom. 


Our wounds, if they could talk, would tell us the Who, What, When, Where, and Why of our experiences:


Let’s reflect on the wisdom our wounds have taught us. Each crack, flaws, golden-veins, scars , a story; a lesson on the journey to self

​Who did we become through our healing? Our wounds have shaped me, shaped you and we have defined their meaning. They have made us a warrior of light, a seeker of truths, a bearer of wisdom. Who were we in the moment of breaking and who we have become in the process of mending. Who were we when the wound was fresh, and who have we become as it turned to gold?

Ask yourself:


Who stood with me in the shadows?

Have you become aware of the dearest sistars, friends, and family who stood with you in the shadows, offering their presence as a silent strength? They are the unsung heroes of our story, the ones who held space for our healing without judgment.

Who did I discover within myself during moments of solitude?


 In solitude, have you discovered the quiet warrior within, a part of yourself that knows how to continue, to wait, and to trust in the process. Inside the warrior shielded our calm and is the anchor for our determination and drive.

Who am I beyond my wounds? 

Beyond your wounds, you are an ever-evolving woman, full of complexities and contradictions. We are not defined by our past but by the choices we make each day to live with intention and purpose.

Who do I want to be as I continue to heal? 

As you continue to heal, do you want to be someone who radiates compassion and understanding? Are we a woman who uses her experiences to enlighten and empower others on their paths?

Who will remember the lessons of our scars? 

The lessons of our scars will be remembered by those who hear your story and see the authenticity of your journey. They will live on in the truths we share and in the lives we touch. These reflections are the metamorphosis of our healing. They celebrate the awakening of a new self, one that is sculpted by experiences and gilded with the wisdom of overcoming and becoming.



What have my wounds taught me?

Have they taught you compassion, for yourselves and for others? Have they shown you the strength that lies in vulnerability and the courage that comes with facing your own shadows. What have we learned from the pain and what can we teach others from our healing? What did the pain teach us, and what wisdom can we share from our healing?

What insights have our wounds given me? 

Your wounds have given you the gift of perspective, the ability to see beyond the immediate pain and recognize the bigger picture of our journey. They’ve shown us that every experience, no matter how painful, has a place in shaping who we are.

What inner resources have I discovered through our healing? 

Through your healing, have you uncovered your resilience, patience, and an unwavering spirit as concealed prisms of self, ready in moments of challenge? The unfurling of our kintsugi-infuseded femininity, rising during challenges is our inner strength on our chrysalis journey.

What connections have my wounds created? 

Have your wounds made deep connections with others. They’ve become a bridge, allowing us to empathize and bond with those who have walked similar paths, creating a network of shared strength.

What role has forgiveness played in my healing process? 

Has forgiveness, both of yourself and others, has played a crucial role in our healing?  It has been the key to releasing the weight of our past and opening the door to new beginnings.

What legacy will my journey of healing leave?

 Will your journey of healing leave a legacy of hope and transformation? It will serve as a reminder that even the deepest wounds can lead to growth and that our stories can inspire others to seek their own paths to healing.

These insights are observations of the impact that our wounds and the healing process can have on our lives. They remind us that our struggles are not in vain and that the wisdom we gain is not only for our benefit but also for those we share our journey with. 

When did our wounds become a source of strength? In the moment we chose to view them not as flaws but as the very prisms of energy that make us whole. It was when we realized that healing is not just about mending but about transforming. When we felt our weakest and when we discovered our inherent strength. When did the wound seem insurmountable, and when did we realize its purpose?


When did my journey from wound to wisdom begin? 

Did it begin when you embraced your imperfections as part of our unique story? It may have been when we understood that each scar is a chapter of triumph, not just a reminder of pain.

When did my vulnerability become my victory? 

Your vulnerability is transformed into victory when you allow it to teach you. It was when we stopped hiding our scars, taking off our masks, telling our stories and started  the connection with others.

When did I learn to replace ‘why me?’ with ‘what now?’ 

Have you stopped seeing life’s challenges as punishments and started viewing them as opportunities for growth? Was it an “Aha” moment of reclaiming power over our own journey?

When did I find beauty in the brokenness? 

Do you see your beauty in brokenness and see that your cracks allow light to enter? It was when we saw that healing isn’t about returning to what was, but evolving into what could be.

When will my story of healing inspire others? 

Has your story inspired others when you share it with honesty and hope? It’s in the sharing that we realize our experiences have the power to light the way for someone else’s journey. These reflections are here to honour the process of turning wounds into wellsprings of strength. They serve as a reminder that our most challenging moments can lead to our greatest victories.

Where have our wounds led us? Through a kaleidoscope of self, within the depths of our heart, and to the heights of our spirit. They have guided us to a place of peace and acceptance, where we can stand in our power. Where we have been broken and where we have found the gold to repair ourselves. Where did the journey begin, and where has it led us?


Where does my strength to move forward come from? 

Does your strength to move forward come from your faith, and your experiences, knowing how you have survived, becoming stronger? It is within the sanctuary of our inner resilience. It’s found in the quiet moments of reflection, in the supportive embrace of loved ones, and in the realization that our wounds do not define us but rather refine us.

Where can I find the courage to face my wounds? 

Has your courage been in finding the willingness to confront your pain? It is in the acceptance of our past and the determination to write a new chapter. We find it in the stories of others who have triumphed over adversity and in the belief that we too are capable of great healing.

Where is the wisdom in my wounds hidden? 

Do you feel the wisdom in the lessons learned from each wound of your experience? It’s hidden in the story of our experiences, waiting to be uncovered and understood. This wisdom is like a blueprint for our future challenges, offering insights that only those who have known suffering can truly understand.

Where do I see the reflection of my healed self? 

Do you see the reflection of your healed selves in the choices you make and the lives you touch? It’s visible in the compassion we extend to others and in the peace that replaces turmoil. our healed selves are mirrored in the ways we transform pain into purpose.

 Where will my journey of healing take me next? 

Is your journey of healing taking you to new peaks of understanding and acceptance. It will lead us to opportunities for growth and service, to relationships that enrich our souls, and to moments where we can offer hope to those still navigating their path to healing.

These reflections are here to inspire and affirm that the places our wounds lead us to are often the very grounds where we discover our truest selves. They remind us that every step taken in healing is a step towards a more empowered and authentic life. 

Why are our wounds essential to our story? Because they are the proof of our journey, the evidence of our growth. They are the reminders that even in brokenness, there is beauty; in healing, there is hope. Why are the wounds necessary for our growth and why is the healing worth the struggle. Why do they continue to shape us?



Why do wounds resonate so deeply within me?

 Do you feel that your wounds are a reflection of your resilience? They represent our capacity to endure, to face challenges head-on, and to emerge stronger. They are the silent celebration of our battles and the silent teachers that teach us wisdom only learned through experience.

Why is acknowledging my wounds crucial for my personal development? 

Are you acknowledging your wounds,  confronting your vulnerabilities? It is in this honesty that we find the strength to search for healing and the courage to transform pain into purpose. It is a step towards self-awareness and empathy for others who share similar scars.

Why is the process of healing more significant than the pain itself?

Do you feel and know the process of healing is significant and an act of self-love and self-care? It is a journey that teaches us patience, nurtures our spirit, and reaffirms our will to live fully. Healing is the path to renewal and rebirth, where we learn to let go of what was and embrace what can be.

Why do my healed wounds empower me to help others? 

Have you seen your healed wounds empower you to illuminate yourself and others with unique insights and empathy? Illuminated to illuminate!  Having walked the path of pain and recovery, we can offer genuine understanding and support to others. Our experiences become an inspiration and a beacon of hope for those who are still navigating their own healing journeys.

Why are the stories of my wounds and healing important to share?

Are you sharing the stories of your wounds and healing, do you feel the importance as it breaks the silence around suffering. It creates a space for collective healing and community support. These stories have the power to connect us collectively, reminding us that we are not alone in our struggles and that together, we can overcome them.

These reflections aim to honour our experiences and the transformative power of healing. They serve as a reminder that every challenge we face is an opportunity for growth and that our wounds, when woven into our story, creating a tapestry of strength and beauty.

What insights do my wounds offer?

As a Kintsugi woman, when you reflect on these questions, do you understand that your wounds are not just fragments of your past but are integral to your identity? They speak to us with love and gratitude, reminding us that we are more than the experiences. We are a tapestry of triumphs and trials, woven with the golden threads of wisdom.

Together, let’s celebrate our healing, our wisdom, our journey to self on this feminine ethereal awakening of our chrysalis journey. You are an amazing, strong, beautiful woman. 



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