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Guided Meditation: Journey to the Kintsugi Wells

Welcome, dear Kintsugi sistars, to our secret garden, a place where brokenness becomes art, a place where healing and wisdom intertwine and scars tell stories of strength. Here, golden footprints guide us toward ancient wells, each brimming with healing waters. 

Close your eyes and breathe deeply. Feel the golden footprints beneath your feet, leading you toward the ancient wells.

The Well of Clarity: A crystal-clear stream flows toward a well crowned with lapis lazuli. Gaze into its depths. Here, confusion dissolves, and clarity emerges. Trust the whispers of truth that rise from within. Clarity is a gift; seek it with an open heart.

The Well of Compassion: Follow the scent of blooming lavender. Here, the water sparkles with empathy. As you cup your hands, feel compassion seep into your bones. Forgive yourself, forgive others, and let love mend what was once shattered. Compassion heals; it binds us together.

The Well of Connection: A babbling brook leads to a hidden well. Its water mirrors the sky, reflecting the interconnectedness of all beings. Dip your fingers and feel the threads that bind us. You are never alone. We are woven together; your presence matters.

The Well of Courage: The path steepens, but you’re not alone. At the well’s edge, wildflowers bloom. Drink courage from its depths. Let it infuse your spirit, empowering you to face life’s storms with grace. Courage is your birthright; wear it like a crown.

The Well of Healing: Moss-covered stones guide you to a well encircled by healing herbs. Drink slowly; let the water mend your body, mind, and soul. Breathe out pain, breathe in restoration. Healing is a sacred dance; honour your body temple.

The Well of Innate Knowing: Imagine a path veiled in mist. Find answers whispered by your intuition. Dip your hands into the water and receive insights that have always resided within you.Trust your inner knowing; it holds the map to your soul’s purpose.

The Well of Joy: Follow laughter’s echo to a sun-kissed well. Its water dances with golden light. Drink deeply, and let joy bubble up. Remember that your laughter is a healing elixir. Joy is your birthright; savour it like honey.

The Well of Resilience: A rugged trail leads to a well surrounded by oak trees. Their roots run deep, just like your strength. Drink from this well, and let resilience flow through your veins. Feel the scars on your heart transform into golden seams. You are unbreakable; your wounds are your greatest teachers.

The Well of Spirit: The Well of Spirit stands at the heart of our garden. Its water mirrors the light of our souls, reflecting our inner beauty and resilience. Approach it with reverence, for here, the whispers of love and acceptance flow freely.

Choose your well today. Close your eyes and imagine the path leading to this well. The ground beneath your feet feels cool and solid. The air carries a gentle breeze, carrying with it the scent of blooming flowers. As you draw near, the well reveals itself, a circular stone structure adorned with delicate engravings.

Dipping into the Waters

Affirmations: Whisper your affirmations to the well. Speak of your worthiness, your dreams, and your resilience. Let the water absorb your intentions, carrying them to the universe.

Embrace Your Wholeness: Dip your hands into the well. Feel the water cleanse your wounds. As you lift your hands, imagine golden light seeping into your skin. Your brokenness is not a flaw; it’s a canvas for grace.

Listen to the Whispers of Love:  The water murmurs secrets of love and acceptance. It tells you that you are loved, enough, and divinely blessed. Your spirit, like Kintsugi pottery, holds stories of transformation.

Reflection: Gaze into the well. See your reflection, the kaleidoscope of your experiences, both broken and whole. Notice the golden seams that hold you together. These are the scars that make you uniquely beautiful.

SiSTAR, your Kintsugi well offers you a gift. What do you need today?

  • Connection: Feel the threads that bind us all. You are never alone.

  • Courage: Draw courage from its depths, empowering you to face life’s challenges.

  • Clarity: Seek answers; let confusion dissolve.

  • Healing: Allow the water to mend any emotional or physical wounds.

  • Joy: Sip joy like nectar, laughter is a healing elixir.

  • Wisdom: Drink from the well, and let ancient wisdom flow through you.

The Kintsugi Garden is a safe space for healing and growth. Feel free to revisit this meditation whenever your spirit calls.

Now, siSTAR, choose your path. Let passion and spirit guide you. Step toward the well that calls to your soul today. Drink, replenish, refresh, reflect and know that you are held in this safe space, led by the golden footprints of those who walked before you, who light the way.

When you’re ready, open your eyes. Carry the well’s wisdom with you. Share it with others, leaving golden footprints for those who follow. We are all Kintsugi, beautifully broken, lovingly repaired, and shining with resilience.

Continue the journey with my blogs with more Kintsugi-infused empowerment, meditations, and prayers. 

Thank you for being in this sacred space siSTARS, to the Kintsugi woman within, if any of this resonates with you and you enjoyed my meditation like, comment, and share with others you think would enjoy a moment of calm and reflection at and continue the journey with my meditations here

Kalina Bains

Kintsugi SiSTAR

*Disclaimer: Kintsugi Woman's affirmations, guided meditation, and prayers are kintsugi-infused empowerment, imagination, and inspiration. It is not a substitute for professional advice or therapy. If you need support, seek guidance from a qualified practitioner.

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