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Juneteenth Reflection on Healing and Empowerment

Happy Juneteenth Day everyone.

Today is Juneteenth, remembering the moment in history that signifies freedom and the end of slavery, To my Kintsugi sistars we see the reflection of our paths of self-discovery and healing mirrored in each other’s experiences. Women who have learned to embrace their story and emerge stronger.

Kintsugi, the art of repairing broken pottery with lacquer mixed with powdered gold, teaches us that there is beauty in healing. The golden scars become a celebration to resilience, a celebration of imperfection as part of history, not something to disguise.

Juneteenth resonates with this philosophy. It is a day of reflection, to honour the past, and to continue the journey to a future where we shine brighter, bolder, and stronger. It reminds us that our scars, like those of the Kintsugi pottery, are golden lines in our stories, of growth and healing.

The Kintsugi Sistars are women who search for answers. They are becoming more of who they are meant to be, embracing the journey of healing from past wounds. They understand that the search for answers is also a path to self-discovery, a process of becoming whole again.

Every day, we shine a little brighter, our inner light undimmed by the cracks of life’s challenges. We grow bolder, not afraid to show our flaws, they know their true strength lies in their vulnerability. They become stronger, not despite their brokenness, but because of it.

Juneteenth is a celebration of hope, a reminder that we are not defined by our fractures but by the courage with which we mend them. Let the gold in our veins remind us of our worth and the brightness of our future.

As we search for answers, becoming who we are destined to be, we heal from our past and shine in our unique way, remember that every step forward is a step towards liberation, not just physically, but emotionally and spiritually.

Happy Juneteenth! Let’s celebrate the journey towards becoming whole, becoming our truest selves, let’s do it together. To all the women who find strength in their scars and beauty in their imperfections, you are an embodiment of Kintsugi.

Keep shining,

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