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Kintsugi Dandelion Spirit

Kintsugi, the Japanese art of repairing broken pottery with gold, symbolizes the beauty in imperfection and the strength found in healing. This philosophy can be compared to us as women on our journey of Discovery, Acceptance, Healing, Transformation, and Awakening. Like a dandelion, that transforms from a simple flower to a symbol of resilience and hope, a woman’s journey of changes and growth.


In the Discovery phase, a woman begins to uncover her true self, much like a dandelion sprouting from the ground, reaching for the sun.

  • Affirmations:

  1. I am open to discovering my true self.

  2. I embrace the journey of self-discovery with curiosity.

  3. I trust the process of uncovering my inner truths.

  4. I am worthy of knowing and understanding myself.

  5. I celebrate each new discovery about myself.


Acceptance is the phase where a woman acknowledges her past and present, embracing her imperfections as part of her unique beauty, similar to how a dandelion stands tall despite its simplicity.

  • Affirmations:

  1. I accept myself wholly and completely.

  2. I honour my journey and the lessons it brings.

  3. I embrace my imperfections as part of my beauty.

  4. I am at peace with who I am.

  5. I am worthy of love and acceptance.


Healing is the process of mending the broken pieces, much like the golden seams in Kintsugi pottery, or the dandelion’s ability to thrive in harsh conditions.

  • Affirmations:

  1. I am healing and growing stronger every day.

  2. I release past hurts and embrace healing.

  3. I am resilient and capable of overcoming challenges.

  4. I nurture my mind, body, and spirit.

  5. I am worthy of healing and wholeness.


Transformation is the phase where a woman evolves, much like a dandelion turning into a puffball, ready to spread its seeds of wisdom and experience.

  • Affirmations:

  1. I am transforming into my highest self.

  2. I embrace change and growth.

  3. I am a beacon of light and transformation.

  4. I trust the process of my evolution.

  5. I am empowered by my transformation.


Awakening is realizing one’s true potential and purpose, like the dandelion’s seeds being carried by the wind, spreading hope and new beginnings.

  • Affirmations:

  1. I am awake to my true potential.

  2. I live with purpose and intention.

  3. I am a source of inspiration and light.

  4. I trust in the divine timing of my awakening.

  5. I am connected to the universe and its infinite possibilities.

May you find the courage to continue your journey of discovery, the grace to accept yourself fully, the strength to heal your wounds, the power to transform into your highest self, and the wisdom to awaken to your true potential. May you always remember that you are a masterpiece, beautifully mended with the gold of your experiences.

Carry the dandelion spirit within you, my Kintsugi sistars. Let its delicate seeds remind you of resilience, hope, and transformation. Just as the wind disperses those seeds, let your dreams take flight, blooming into possibility. 🌼💖✨

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