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The Kintsugi Heart: Reconnecting with Roots and Family

Good morning everyone

Reflecting on National Indigenous Peoples Day, and remembering those on their journey, past and present.

I just watched "Pi-Kiwik "on CBC Gem. It is a short documentary reflecting on a journey, of mending broken parts with open hearts. This is an amazing journey of a beautiful, mixed Cree young woman's story for anyone reconnecting with their roots.

Like the kintsugi woman, may we all find strength in our fractures and beauty in our bonds, as we continue the journey of coming home to self. Pi-Kiwik reflects the universal quest for identity and connection.

Continue the journey, know you are not alone, and open your radiant, resilient kintsugi hearts to belonging. We must never stop searching and asking the questions we need to heal and become whole.

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