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Divine Spirit of the Universe, who weaves the fabric of existence with threads of light and darkness, hear this prayer for every woman walking the path of life with passion and an ethereal spirit. Guide each one as they embark on their unique journey, embracing the essence of being a Kintsugi woman—beautiful in their resilience, strength, and growth. As they mend their cracks with gold, let their lives glow with the beauty of overcoming, the grace of transformation, and the power of renewing one's spirit.

Bless them with the courage to face the challenges that lie ahead, the wisdom to choose paths that lead to enlightenment and fulfillment, and the love to fill their hearts with compassion for themselves and for others. May they recognize their intrinsic worth and the luminous beauty that emerges from their scars, making them more precious and valued. Let their inner light shine so brightly that it leaves a trail of golden footprints for others to follow, inspiring generations with their stories of love, empowerment, and triumph.

May each woman feel connected to the divine feminine energy that flows within and around her, empowering her to achieve her highest potential. Let her know she is never alone, for she is part of an eternal siSTARhood, bound by shared experiences and dreams. As she walks her path, let her do so gracefully, leaving a legacy of empowerment, love, and golden light for the world to see. May this prayer of empowerment reach every woman, guiding her, lifting her, and celebrating her journey, today and always. Amen.

Kalina Bains


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