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Illuminated to Illuminate

What does your authentic self tell you that keeps you going? What is your why?

I know I do not want to be where I was and becoming the woman I want and need to be has lead me on this journey of exploring, experiencing and engaging with others. It has gone full circle back to the questions of why am I here. What am I doing? Why am I wasting time? What do I want? Am I happy?

That journey has been one thought at a time, one step at a time closer to my Authentic Self.

This place of intuitive knowing empowers me as I listen to the wisdom that is inside of me that whispers to me and inspires me to shine.

I am “Illuminated to Illuminate”. You are Illuminated, what are you going to shine on today?

Accepting myself as I am in this moment; while I become the woman I need and want to be.

Read my article "Illuminated to Illuminated" in the Simply Woman online magazine at

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