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Illuminated to Illuminate

This is a repost of my article that was originally published in the Simply Woman Online Magazine, April 3, 2015

What does your Authentic Self tell you that keeps you going? What is your why?

I know I do not want to be where I was and becoming the woman I want and need to be has lead me on this journey of exploring, experiencing and engaging with others. It has gone full circle back to the questions of why am I here. What am I doing? Why am I wasting time? What do I want? Am I happy?

That journey has been one thought at a time, one step at a time closer to my Authentic Self. This place of intuitive knowing empowers me as I listen to the wisdom that is inside of me that whispers to me and inspires me to shine.

I am “Illuminated to Illuminate”. You are Illuminated, what are you going to shine on today?

If you recognized who you really where, the brilliance that is inside of you, the possibilities for yourself would you change where you are, would you change the way you talk to yourself?

Look at a square, turn it around and it is a diamond that is you. Are you ready to turn your life around? Look at things differently, from another perspective. If you imagine you were looking from the inside out into your life as your best friend what would you tell yourself? You know your truths, you have spoken them many times to others and the love and knowing that whispers to you is your truth.

That diamond wants to sparkle, it wants to be polished and admired and loved for its brilliance. You for so long have been like that diamond hiding deep inside of yourself. Afraid to shine you have been smaller than you know you are, quieter, frightened to even speak the words that whisper to your soul. For years you have believed to be a square, not realizing or believing your potential.

The passion inside of you is there, you have felt the searching, the gnawing pain, yourself drawing inward becoming stuck and numb. Your potential and purpose has been flickering and ready to burst with joy as the woman you wanted and need to be for years has evolved.

You have seen others who have known they were always a diamond they have expected more from themselves and others they have shone brightly and ran with their dreams and succeeded. They may have had people in their lives that encouraged them and doors were opened for them and they decided to believe in themselves and take the opportunities.

Boldly, I too have changed directions for I was that square, I isolated, I in fear withdrew from life and panicked silently. I believed the stories I was telling myself that I wasn’t smart enough, thin enough, strong enough; rich enough to ever be who I wanted to be. I couldn’t because I was a square and I stayed small and still accepting whatever came along.

One day that square inside of me started shifting a little to the right and thought by thought I have seen that it is all about my perspective on things. I have started listening to the diamonds in my life, making friends with other diamonds and even sparkling like a diamond. Other diamonds have made space for me and I have been polished and shine.

A gentle nudge to my sister squares out there, remember who you are. Let go of the limiting beliefs the “what if’s” and begin the shift of conscience innate knowing that you are a diamond. Diamond (from the ancient Greek means “unbreakable”)

I am unbreakable, I may have been dull and hidden but now I am “Illuminated to Illuminate”

7 Sparkle Tips

  • Emulate what you see other Diamonds are doing in their lives

Finding a mentor or coach and having someone to be accountable to will help you focus on what and where you want to go in life.

  • Join Toastmasters or groups where you have an opportunity to sparkle

Finding a network of like-minded people will introduce you to new experiences and you will have the opportunities to showcase your original, entrepreneurial ideas with others

  • Be creative, we are all cut differently as Diamonds – be yourself

What works for one person may not work for another, be open to change and the help of others on this journey.

  • We are all at different stages of our life, shine wherever you are

Inspiring, encouraging and exploring will take time, changing one routine in your day and lifestyle at a time will help you adjust to this new way of thinking

  • Don’t be afraid to dazzle and change your settings

Have fun, this is your time to find out who you want and need to be. Educating yourself or changing your career may be an answer

  • Appreciate and vintage and antique Diamonds

Your intrinsic value and life experience has given character and maturity, honour it

  • Polish and protect the authentic Diamond

Mind, body and soul have to be taken care of nourished to thrive and radiate its brilliance. Mindfulness and loving the self while you engage in Meditate, yoga, friendships, laughing and he

We are “Illuminated to Illuminate”

– Kalina Bains

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