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Big Questions

Each of us with the years changes, the wrinkles of wisdom. The passion we see in our eyes and the expressions we share portrait our image. Today what do you want to feel, be and do The experiences of our past, have brought us to this moment right now. The invisible cord that connects us to the ones we love and the past has either feed us or drained us. Maybe it is time to cut some of those cords or pull some of them closer to us. Each day we get to choose what face we are going to put on or the mask we wear. First be honest with yourself. We often mirror back what we have learned, heard and been taught. Today listen and watch the people you would like to be like Mirror back what you want to be, Who are you surrounding yourself around, Has what you been doing working for you Is this where you want to be next year Big questions we need to ask for ourselves Take a big breath, close your eyes, see yourself in 5 years. What do you envision Be grateful for the lessons and for the path you have been on, but maybe it is time to turn the bend and listen to your #womensgps (guided passionate self)

Visualize yourself as you want to be, the body you want the life you want. Your optimal self, what does that look like You have a healthy mind and body, it is just waiting for you to rediscover your true self, your authentic self. Listen to those small, quiet voices inside, what do you want. Be in-tune with the frequency of your true-self. question marks are a É how do I change itÉ #bigquestions #invisiblecordsofself #legacyoflove #sabotagewarrior #mirrorme

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