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Reflect, Search and Illuminate

Reflect, Search and Illuminate

Each part of me is a reflection of those who embraced me, loved me, hate me.

I am a light that shines bright yet turns down it's light when it needs to pause

Each dimension, the holograph of my soul is YOU. YOU like me shine, cry, die a little each time we hurt. 

The magic bursts out of us like the Divine giving us another gem to show off, the hue of our life becomes richer, more brilliant, intoxicating and real. 

We are just a speck in this prism, just a piece of dirt but we with life, with , pain, tears and laughter that can look back. 

As we reflect, search and illuminate we permeate a genuine knowing of love, of trust of something deeper than the carvings in a stone. 

We find self. We find a humbled spirit that is open and shatters what was.

We are infinite, we are pure, we are LOVE.

Those who only see the brokenness and judge will never access the majestic, insatiable, roaring passion that thrives and buries deep into our souls. They will never now the light that shines as a beacon for their passage to our knowing

The shattered self has fallen, broken and died

The present self believes dreams and hopes

The future self rips through the barriers, shatters the lies and rises above the baggage and SHINES 

Each prism, each shard of hope laid there waiting to be reborn, with the fire, the passion and knowing that was always there

Each sigh and quiver of consciousness brought this moment, this day, this self

Each line of disbelief that shattered the self has now built a wall of strength that had conquered, and broken all that stood before it.

We have survived, shone brighter and illuminated to illuminate. We have been stronger, smarter and brave

Each has fallen, drifted and shattered only by being refined in the self have we been born, freed and released to begin again

You have never known me

You have never seen me

You will never be me

I am ME

I am perfect

I shine brighter with adversity


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