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Each of us is a spark of the Divine, each being gifted and blessed. As we develop and engage our world expands. Running from shadows, blending into what others expected of us living as a puppet in this matrix unconsciously accepting and content, but not really happy. Instinctively we know this is not what or who we want to be.

Some of us from a young age realized and struggled in our families and community. As a rebel we searched and a kaleidoscope of experiences broke the clay away until we found the golden self inside. We like a bright star found our worth, loving our unique self.

During the search we could recognize others who where trying to cut the strings no longer wanting to conform and ready to find meaning for their existence.

As we shadow each other and mentor we grow stronger, moving forward. Illuminated to illuminate we shine brighter. We may sometimes give to much of ourselves and our light starts dimming so we must remember to take care of ourselves, love ourselves first so we have the energy to give others. Coming from a more empowered place we can serve others by feeding ourselves first.

Channeling our love, communication and experience we weed through the garden of life and flourish together. Connecting with those who are like-minded at different stages brings about opportunities we may of never encountered, our minds and lives expand.

Have fun, do not get caught up or stuck in what was or what ifs

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