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Feeling the loneliness,

Feeling the tenderness

Feeling the pain

Feeling the sadness

Feeling the isolation

Feeling the brokenness

I cry

You promised

You lied

You cheated

You took all of me

I cry

What about my dreams

What about my future

What about my love

I cry

Passengers, walk by in life

The airport of my life continually going

You let go and I am here

I am lost

I am forgotten

No one can give me this peace,

This knowing

This calmness, my soul desires

I am

I am love

I am patient

I am all you need

Don't abuse

Don't lie

Don't take advantage of me

You have given, taken and lost

You have cried, dreamed and woken up

You have believed this dream to be real

You are enough

You are OK

You are beautiful

You are everything you need to b

You are living the life you want

You are love

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