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Why? Again Why?

Why did that happen? My cups bottom just decided to fall off. Thankfully I was at the counter. It didn't shatter and it was cold water.

Why does anything happen? Why do we feel lost?

Why do we feel so limited or we have limitations on us and we feel we are stuck?

Life seems at times to go around in circles and we keep coming back to the same problems.

Today we need to look deep inside and really ask what do I want, how do I get that? Do I really want that? Why am I afraid? What is holding me back?

How many times have my grandmothers, mother and daughter have asked the same question? Each of us is full of questions. it is often the small things. Often the death of a child, an accident or illness paralyzes us and we are broken and years pass by.

Each of us has to work through the answers we will find them inside of ourselves. Remember you are strong, you are so loved and "this to shall pass" I know because I have looked back and wonder where the time went or how I got here. I am ok, you are ok. We have gone through hard things before and we will again.

God is always working and loving us. Sometimes we wonder why things happen. There is a bigger picture we can't see. There is a plan for each of us and we just are not there yet.

You are so loved and needed.

The seeds have been planted they are deep inside of us and we are sowing ours each day.

Make your words an actions a reflection of a #legacyoflove today <3

Each moment SHINE,

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