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Unfinished Life

Life is confused with the lies

we join the others that follow

we ask questions and believe like sheep

we don't know what we are capable of

we deflate and begin again

download to the future

looking back we can charge again

we get a burst of what was and what could be

what do we choose?

fade into the background or face what lies in front of us?

Dead of lost we find our way back

Back to a place that is clouded with whys

A language of disgust, enclosed us and devoured us

We covered ourselves in lies and others beliefs

we shrouded ourselves with tears and closed our eyes to what was

we drank, slept and escaped into numbness

when we woke up we became stepped into a new tomorrow

the newness, we dreamed of, we believed

we escaped and broke through the lies

we opened our hearts, we began again

a nanonite of infinite beginnings

believing we devoured your lies

we woke up and exploded

we began again, charging, changed

beginning we knew the script

we left the bullshit and SHINED

WE knew the choices and broke through

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