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Covering of Love

A lifetime ago this covering was full of limiting beliefs, shame, and self-critical talk.

Everything was a sin

I had no voice

I was a sheep that strayed from my flock

My journey made me stronger, braver, and bolder as I listened to my internal GPS.

My intuition, my innate, knowing that I was smart enough, strong enough. ENOUGH to be the woman I needed and wanted to be.

We all have our journey

Mine is not finished yet

We all met up here today, not by chance

Our purpose takes us down different paths, yet I believe we are guided by our higher self. Listen to your truths, what are they telling you?

Those of you who are walking beside me on mine know you are ENOUGH, you are so LOVED

I ask God to cover us with love, health, and happiness, protecting us, and guiding us.

The Universe has big plans for you ✨️ ❤️ Kalina

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