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Ebb & Flow of Gratitude

Each of us as we go through these challenging times has so much to be thankful for. We have time now to create, rest and believe in ourselves, and know that we will be okay.

We have been so blessed.

We know what to do, we have been asked to do certain things that will help us survive through this CoVID-19 journey. Do what you need to do, to be safe and take care of yourselves. Give yourself extra TLC during this time and to those you love.

Whatever we are going to go through we will all go through together.

We are stronger than we believe but we need to be smart about the choices we make. The thoughts and words we speak to ourselves and others.

The ebb and flow of what this time will bring will forever stay with us. There will be extremes of great kindness, love and big changes in ways many of us have not been prepared for.

The #legacyoflove that we leave behind during these days of unsurety will be woven into our tapestry of life in our memories.

Connect, during this time there are many that are alone, sad and unsure say hello

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