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Ethereal Threads that Bind Prayer

Prayer that intertwines the concept of Kintsugi with the feminine ethereal threads of wisdom and power:

Divine Weaver of the Universe,

Bless the brokenness within us,

As golden seams in cherished Kintsugi.

With threads of wisdom and power,

Mend our fractures into a mosaic of strength.

In every crack, let resilience bloom,

In every gap, let understanding grow.

Guide our hands to weave connections,

With strands of compassion and grace.

May the ethereal threads that bind us,

Glisten with the wisdom of the ages,

And pulse with the power of our spirits.

Let them be the ties that unite,

And the paths that lead us to enlightenment.

As we piece together our shattered selves,

Let us see the beauty in our imperfections,

And the lessons in our trials.

It is through our brokenness,

That we discover our true wholeness.


May this prayer serve as a reminder of the beauty in healing and the strength we gain from overcoming adversity, much like the art of Kintsugi where broken pieces are mended with gold, creating a new form of beauty and resilience.


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