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Global Love Day

This May 1, we gather from all corners of the world to celebrate our first-ever Global Love Day, a day dedicated to the Kintsugi woman siSTARS, those remarkable women who turn their broken pieces into masterpieces with golden seams of resilience.

Kintsugi teaches us that our cracks are not evidence of our fragility but proof of our strength and resilience. On this Global Love Day, we honour the feminine ethereal wisdom that allows us to see the beauty in our imperfections and the strength in our scars.

Our siSTARhood is our sanctuary, a place where we empower each other to rise above the challenges. Today, we stand hand in hand, celebrating our diverse backgrounds, cultures, and experiences that make us uniquely powerful.

Our collective journey is like a tapestry woven with threads of love, acceptance, and understanding. Each thread is vital, each pattern is intentional, and together, they create a picture of harmony and grace.

On Global Love Day, we extend our call for inclusion. We invite every woman, regardless of her story or struggle, to join us in this celebration of love. We recognize the courage it takes to share your true self with the world, and we welcome you with open arms.

Our wisdom is our legacy, passed down through generations of Kintsugi women. It’s the voice that whispers, “You are enough,” the hand that offers help without hesitation, and the heart that loves without limits.

We pledge to continue spreading love, to uplift each other, and to build a world where every Kintsugi woman can shine. Let’s make every day a celebration of our unbreakable spirit.

May this Global Love Day be the first of many, where we come together to celebrate the beauty of our collective imperfections. Let’s fill the world with the empowering light of Kintsugi wisdom. 

Happy Global Love Day

Kintsugi Woman

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