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Hello Grandma

As I gaze into the reflection of myself, I see echoes of the strong, resilient women who came before me - my mother and grandmothers. Their lives were woven with threads of passion and spirit, guiding me through the complexities of life. Their unwavering love, dedication to their children, and unshakeable faith are pillars that have shaped me into the woman I am today.

My mother, with her gentle guidance, taught me the true meaning of strength and compassion. Her selfless sacrifices and boundless love have been a source of inspiration for me in my own journey of motherhood. Her legacy of nurturing and unwavering support continues to resonate through the generations, a tapestry of the power of a mother's love.

My grandmothers, with their wisdom and grace, left valuable lessons that have been woven into each stitch of self. Their resilience in the face of adversity, fierce protection of their families, and enduring spirit have left a mark on my soul. I carry their stories with me, a reminder of the depth of love and strength that runs through our bloodline.

As I celebrate the lives of these remarkable women, who are the DNA of love. I am reminded of their profound impact on shaping my identity and guiding my path.

Their legacy of love and prayers passed down through the generations, is a torch of light that illuminates my way forward. I honour their memory with the same passion, spirit, dedication, and drive for my own children, boldly and bravely, knowing that I am walking through the prisms of hope, love, and faith on a journey of innate knowing.

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