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Feeding off the sorrows of others ,

I mirror their anger and pain

It takes me to dark spaces of sadness and unknowing

The whispers and energy of love radiates

Remembering to Shine and inspires my soul to open again

The universe cradles me in it’s moments of uncertainty

It wraps and protects my soul in peace and calm, freeing me

Challenges are overcome exploding into a rejoicing of knowing,

acceptance and a new journey begins

Prisms like a kaleidoscope of my essence evolve,

ever changing thought by thought

Experience by experience

More brilliant and transparent

Searching, questioning

I digress into a field of opportunities & bliss

Finding a balance in the unknowing & revelations

I expand and explode into SELF

SELF appears stronger, shining, transforming and

interprets the lessons and challenges.

Rebirth appears again and together evolves

Icon of SELF images the past and future as one into LOVE

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