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Kaleidoscope of Kalina

The versions of Kalina, of self is ever-changing. I am constantly evolving, growing, and adapting to new circumstances and challenges.

Each of us has different versions of self that we present to the world, depending on the situation and the people we are interacting with. These versions of self are like prisms of a kaleidoscope, constantly shifting and rearranging, creating a beautiful and intricate pattern of our lives.

At times, we may feel lost and uncertain about who we are and what our purpose is. We may struggle to find our place in the world, and wonder if we are living up to our full potential.

I remember as a kid asking God, why am I here, what is it I am supposed to do?

Now as a grandmother, God has given me 65 years to do, be, and become. What am I becoming? Who am I? If I keep doing what I am doing today nothing will change, I need to keep evolving, learning, growing, and sharing my journey.

It is in the moments of uncertainty that I turned to my passion and spirit for guidance. My passion is the things that light me up, that make me feel alive and fulfilled. When I follow my passion, I am guided by Spirit, which knows what is best for me, and I believe and trust this journey is right where I am supposed to be.

Following my passion and being guided by the spirit often has been challenging and chaotic. I have learned that I need to step outside of my comfort zone, use my voice, blogs, videos, and platforms to take risks, and embrace change. It is through the chaos and do-overs in my life that I have grown and learned. Every experience, in the chaos and calm in my life has led to me becoming me.

Stumbling through the different versions of self, my kaleidoscope of emotions, joy, excitement, fear, and doubt have been guiding me, testing me, and teaching me to let go and pause and trust God, and myself.

Even in the deep valleys of unknowing and questioning self, I learned to acknowledge these emotions, rather than pretending everything is ok and putting my mask back on as I have for years by isolating, suppressing, or ignoring them. I have learned that healing and allowing myself to feel all of my emotions, helped me work through and understand who Kalina was and I have a deeper understanding of myself and why different versions of me reacted in this way or that.

One of the most beautiful things about my kaleidoscope is how it reflects my change and transformation over the years. Others notice the small things, that have been making big changes and how they have empowered others to believe and trust themselves.

When I look back at my life, I can see how each prism of my kaleidoscope has created a masterpiece of self. I can see how I have thrived, with all my do-overs stronger, passionate listening to my GPS.

I see how much I have evolved, grown stronger and bolder.

My kaleidoscope is a reminder that I am a unique and beautiful woman, with my passion, talents, and experiences. God has given us all something special to offer the world, and it is up to me to embrace my true selves and share my gifts with others.

My journey of self-discovery is beautiful and has been chaotic at times, full of much change, many challenges, emotions, and growth. Although many times chaotic by embracing my passion, using my voice, and following my GPS, I thrive on my journey with grace and courage.

 As I look back on my life and those of others in my life, I see how each piece of my kaleidoscope has turned into creating prisms of faith, health, hope, love, and wisdom creating a masterpiece of my life, and see how each part of my life is beautiful and unique.

The kaleidoscope of life is constantly turning and changing I am excited to see what is ahead..

Love & Light


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