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Kintsugi Earth Prayer

Dear Mother Nature and the vast Universe

Guided by passion spirit and a heart so diverse

We stand as your children with eyes full of wonder

In love and gratitude our voices rise like thunder

We thank you for the mountains the rivers and the sea

For the forests the deserts and each bumblebee

Your beauty is our sanctuary your rhythm our song

In your arms we find the place where we belong

Like kintsugi we mend our Earth with golden care

Embracing flaws and breaks with love we repair

We promise to be conscious to cherish and to hold

Every creature every plant in our planet's fold

May our actions reflect the love we have received

For the air we breathe the new dreams conceived

We vow to protect you to keep your wonders alive

So generations to come will see this beauty thrive

With spirits ignited we'll walk hand in hand

To honour you Earth our precious land

For the love you've given we're eternally blessed

In your nurturing cradle we find our rest


May this prayer resonate with the spirit of Earth Day reminding us to be more conscious and loving stewards of our beautiful planet and all its inhabitants 🌍💚

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