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Kintsugi Lightning & Thunder

This morning it was thundering and lightning and with the loud noises, I was thinking of how my passion and spirit are like that and having a conversation with God. Imagine with me what our conversation would be. 

Kintsugi Woman: God, you know I've been thinking a lot about passion and spirit lately. It's like they're this incredible force inside of me.  It is like the thunder and lightning, so fierce and powerful, impossible to ignore.

God: Your passion and spirit are powerful forces. They're much like the thunder and lightning in a storm - raw, intense, and energetic.

Kintsugi Woman: It's like, when I tap into my  passions, when I let my spirit shine, it feels like I am capable of making amazing things happen. Like lightning illuminating the sky. It's that raw energy, that intensity. It's like I am the storm itself, full of potential and chaos, rolling in with such force.

God: Yes, remember, after the storm, after the thunder has roared and the lightning has lit up the darkness, comes the sunshine. It's a reminder that no matter how intense or difficult the journey, there is always hope and light after the challenges. Imagine yourself  as part of the sky. Your passion and spirit are like thunder and lightning—powerful, electric, and impossible to ignore. Shaking the foundation, illuminating the dark. 

Kintsugi Woman: I love that metaphor. It's comforting to think that my struggles and passions can lead to such beautiful outcomes. My spirit and passion can be fuming and scary sometimes, and make my life vibrant and worth living, just like a storm eventually brings out the sunshine. It's intense and beautiful. My storms can be destructive, too. It's like my creativity and spirit are this natural force, undeniable and powerful, capable of bringing about change, clarity, and even peace. It's a cycle, isn't it? The storm and the calm, the thunder and lightning, and then the sunshine. It's all part of who I am.

God: Yes. Your passion and spirit are what make you uniquely you. They drive you to pursue your dreams, to face your storms, and embrace the sunshine when it comes. Never fear the storm. Embrace your inner thunder and lightning, and let it guide you to your sunshine. The storm passes, and then there's this incredible calm. The air smells fresh, the world looks cleaner, and there's this sense of renewal. That sunshine after the storm—that's you, too. You emerge from your challenges more radiant, and more resilient. Like kintsugi, where the cracks are filled with gold, you are more beautiful having been broken. It's a beautiful cycle of destruction and creation, chaos and order. And through it all, you remain true to yourselves, your passion pushing you forward, and your spirit guiding you through the storm and into the light. It is the essence of your resilience and journey of self that ignites your spirits with passion.

Kintsugi Woman: Thank you, God. It's awesome, that embracing our passion and spirit, with all its intensity, is really about embracing, empowering, engaging, exploring, and evolving life itself. My struggles don't define me, they refine me. It's a beautiful cycle of destruction and creation, chaos and order. I remain true to myself guided by passion and spirit through the storm and into the light with strength and relentless energy of what sets my soul on fire. It's inspiring. To think of myself as a powerful force of nature, embracing the chaos and the calm with equal passion. It makes me feel like I am brave enough and strong enough to get through anything with you, God.

God: Yes you are child, embrace life with each challenge remember, I'm always here, walking beside you through every storm and every sunny day. Each bolt of lightning, each clap of thunder, they're parts of you. They're your moments of transformation. 

When the storm passes, you shine brighter in the sunlight, not despite the challenges, but because of them. Your spirit, your passion, they're the storm and the peace that follows. They're what make you unique and beautiful. It's a beautiful kaleidoscope of prisms of letting go and creation, chaos and order. Remain true to yourself, your passion continues the journey, with spirit guiding you through the storm and into the light.

Together we continue the journey each day bolder, braver, radiantly reinventing yourselves leaving golden footprints for others to follow with passion. Your creative energy is your thunder and lightning, and your unbreakable resilience is the sunshine that follows. Together, they make you who we are, unstoppable and ever-evolving.

My beloved child, as you tread through the ever-changing kaleidoscope of life, embracing your essence as a kintsugi woman, remember, each crack and mend in your being is a prism of your strength and beauty. Together, we continue this journey, each step taken with courage and grace, leaving a luminous trail of gold for those who walk in your footsteps.

Your creative spirit dances like thunder and lightning across the skies of existence, a powerful force of nature that cannot be contained. In moments of calm, your resilience shines like the warm, reassuring sunshine, healing and illuminating the path ahead, following those before you. Continue the journey.

You are a magnificent creation, embodying both the storm and the serenity, making you truly unstoppable. In this divine dance of evolution, know that you are never alone. I am with you, guiding, supporting, and loving you through every phase of your journey. Continue to shine, my child, for your light is a beacon of hope and inspiration to others.

As a Kintsugi woman, we embody resilience, finding beauty in our imperfections and embracing every crack as a symbol of our strength and our journey. Our souls are sparked by an unquenchable fire, guided by passion and spirit, like the powerful dance of thunder and lightning in the sky. Lighting and thunder, passion and spirit elements symbolize our fierce energy and vibrant spirit, illuminating the path forward with their brilliant flashes and resounding echoes.

We use the thunder, with its deep, resonant power, as a reminder of our own inner strength that rumbles within us. It teaches us that even in moments of turmoil, this energy inside of us is ready as the lightning, illuminating its brilliance, symbolizes our ability to shine brightly, even in the darkest moments. It represents the sudden insights and creativity that strike us, guiding us toward healing and renewal.

Together, thunder and lightning prisms and essence of a kintsugi woman: fierce, resilient, and beautifully flawed. We are reminded that our scars are not just marks of survival but are medals of honour, of our ability to heal and grow stronger. Guided by passion and spirit, we navigate life's storms, knowing that each challenge is an opportunity to reveal the gold within our cracks, making us not just whole, but uniquely beautiful and powerful.

What does your day look like a storm or a beautiful sunny day? Continue the journey, shine bright and proud Kintsugi woman. 


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