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Kintsugi Motherhood

In the delicate art of Kintsugi, broken pieces are not hidden but celebrated with golden seams. It’s a poignant metaphor for motherhood, where every mother, grandmother, daughter, and daughter-in-law mends the fabric of family with love, resilience, and wisdom.

To All Mothers, Grandmothers, Daughters, and Daughters-in-Law,

You are the luminaries of our lives, each of you a Kintsugi artist in your own right. To my daughter and daughter-in-law, your nurturing hearts and boundless love create a legacy that will echo through time. You are the bright stars guiding my grandchildren with gentle strength and radiant wisdom.

To all the single mothers, your strength and grace under pressure are the golden threads that bind the tapestry of your children’s lives. You are the unsung heroines, facing the world with a brave smile and a heart full of hope.

For the mothers-to-be, filled with anticipation and dreams, your journey is about to be adorned with the most precious gold of all – the love for your child.

And to those who have faced loss, as I have, know that you are no less a mother. Your love, a golden flame that never extinguishes, honours the memories of the little ones you hold in your heart. You are the embodiment of a mother’s enduring love, a love that transcends physical presence.

On this Mother’s Day, I celebrate each one of you, you are all Kintsugi women – strong, bold, and brave. You teach us that every crack is an opportunity for growth, every line a story of love, and every piece a testament to the strength of a mother’s heart.

Thank you for being the shining stars in our lives, for the legacy of love you continue to weave, and for the wisdom that guides us. May we honour your strength by adding our gold to the cracks, continuing the beautiful mosaic of motherhood you’ve begun.

 Whether you are nurturing your children, awaiting their arrival, or holding them in your heart, you are celebrated today and every day. Happy Mother’s Day!

With love and admiration,


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