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Metamorphosis of Self-Transformation

Dear Kintsugi SiSTAR

As we continue this chrysalis journey together, I find myself enveloped in a cocoon of emotions, with anxiety fluttering at the edges of my being. The metamorphosis of self is both exciting and scary, isn’t it? The fear of change is natural on this path, yet it is through this very transformation that we discover our true strength and beauty.

I want to remind you, as I remind myself, that showing up, just being present, is a brave act.

We don’t need to know all the answers or understand exactly what our wings will look like once they unfurl. It’s okay to just be here, in this moment, with all our imperfections and uncertainties.

Being honest with ourselves and each other is how we honour our journey. It’s how we recognize our needs and learn to nurture them. Let’s listen to our inner voices, even when they whisper of fears and doubts. It’s in acknowledging these feelings that we can begin to deal with them.

Creating boundaries is not an act of separation, but a declaration of self-respect. It’s how we protect our emerging selves, ensuring that when we are ready to spread our wings, they are strong and unbroken. Create boundaries with care and compassion, they are the framework we will rebuild.

Never forget that we are wrapped in God’s love. This divine embrace is our sanctuary, a place of infinite warmth and acceptance. Here, we are safe. Here, we are so loved. No matter how the world may shift, this love remains constant, a beacon guiding us through our transformation.

My dear siSTARS, step forward with courage, knowing this chrysalis phase is a passage. On the other side awaits a world of possibilities, ready to be explored by our newly formed selves. Together, let’s embrace the change, it is in change that we find our true essence, repaired and radiant, like the art of Kintsugi.

Remember, the process of change is as beautiful as the outcome.

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