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What IF

Feels a little like Christmas is on the way. Snow on our way to Costco picked up a poinsettia. Brought some of the decorations in waiting for the kids to come to and create magic.


What if today was a day you knew your path was changing

You could not stop what would change the rest of your life

Today was scary and unsure but you knew you could not stop it from happening

It was a defining moment, a moment that could no longer be silenced

A moment that needed to be shared, spoken and released

Spoken into the universe we ask for healing, guidance and wisdom

Spoken into the universe we give our hopes, dreams and love

Spoken into the universe we let go of the fear of the unknown

Spoken into the universe, we lift the sorrow, we lift the pain

Spoken into the universe, we offer ourselves to be all conduit of purpose

Spoken into the universe we release, ready to receive all that is ours

Each moment of ours has led to this moment, this challenge, this awakening

Each tear has been cried in loss, sadness

Each thought, reminds us of the pass and guides us into the future

Each lie we believed taught us to be stronger

Each of us has embraced and often took on what was not ours to bear

Each of us have learned many hard lessons

Each of us wonder when we will really let go of what we have been holding on so tight to keep

Each of us has began again and again

Each of us in silence, wept and say “why again”

Each of us had wondered if there was someone out there for us

Each of us hold dark secrets and are scared people will find out the truth of who we really are

Each of us has wondered are we good enough, smart enough, enough

Each one of us has wondered what our purpose is

Each one of us wonders how we can make the world a better place to live in

Each one of us is like the other, we are not so different

We all are ENOUGH

We all need love

We all need to forgive ourselves and others

We all need to be kinder to ourselves

We all need to treat others the way we want to be treated

We all need to take the time to heal and let go

We all need to say we are sorry

We all need to begin again

Begin with one thought

Begin with one lifestyle change

Begin with yourself instead of judging others

Begin and become the person you know you want and need to be



Kalina Bains

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